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Does music make the goth? Not entirely perhaps, but it's safe to say that shared musical taste is a defining aspect of the gothic subculture. For your perusing pleasure, the netgoth music database is split into two sections: the core section contains stuff you'd be very likely to hear at your favourite club night, while the peripheral section is a pick-&-mix of various other bands and artists that netgoth members have submitted. Feel free to comment (after reading the comments guidelines, bearing in mind please that we're all entitled to our own preferences and opinions) and vote - when you vote for your favourite tracks, your netgoth profile will save and display a list of your favourite music.

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Featured album by Rammstein
Featured comment (10/23) by Sarin V on 2002-02-27

Quite an amazing album...Mutter & Sonne ARE brilliant tracks but the rest of the album is so consistently good that they don't drown out the album. The German lyrics are suitably intriguing and strain my pidgin-German to the limit. Worth the effort though and bellowing "Hier kommt die Sonne, hier kommt die Soooonnnne!" is possibly the best fun you can have whilst doing the washing up!

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A Perfect Circle  Alice Cooper  Amen  Anathema  Apollyon Sun  Black Sabbath  Bolshoi, the  Bowie, David  Chameleons, the  Coal Chamber  Cocteau Twins  Cradle of Filth  Cranes  Danny Elfman  Danzig  Dax, Danielle  Deadsy  Devil Doll  Dimmu Borgir  
Earthtone9  Echo & The Bunnymen  Enya  Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey  Future Sound of London, the  Galás, Diamanda  GWAR  HIM  Human League  
Jack Off Jill  Jesus & Mary Chain  KidneyThieves  King Crimson  Kittie  KLF  Kompressor  Korn  Lacuna Coil  Leather Nun, the  Legendary Pink Dots, the  
Machine Head  Marilyn Manson  McKennitt, Loreena  Mediaeval Baebes  Misfits  Moonspell  Morbid Angel  My Bloody Valentine  My Dying Bride  My Ruin  New Model Army  New Order  Old Man's Child  Oldfield, Mike  Orff, Carl  Orgy  P J Harvey  Pixies, the  Placebo  Pop Will Eat Itself  
Queen Adreena  Rachel Stamp  Rhapsody  Senser  Slayer  Slipknot  Smashing Pumpkins  Smiths, the (Morrissey)  Snake River Conspiracy  Soft Cell  Spineshank  Stabbing Westward  Static-X  Strangelove  System of a Down  Therion  Tiamat  Tool  
Ultravox  VAST  Velvet Underground, the (Lou Reed)  Venetian Snares  Visage  Voivod  White (Rob) Zombie  Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe  Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction  

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