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Stage 1: Basic information

Important, please read the disclaimer below

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What's going on?

  • Choose a name you want to be known as. This can't be the same as any existing name in the database. You can't change this later, so choose wisely :)
  • Type in your email address (twice, for confirmation). A randomly generated password will be emailed to you. This will allow you to log into the site and modify all your details, including the password. If you don't log into the site to confirm your registration then you won't appear on the map, or be able to contribute to any section of the site.
  • Don't worry, even at this early stage your email address will be hidden from public view. We don't send anything to your email address other than your initial password, and if you request it, a password reminder.
  • Select your location from the dropdown list. If you're not in the UK or Ireland, select 'not in the UK'.


Features may vanish, parts of the site could close without notice
The site is run by a number of people's generosity (see for details on who does what.) As such, features or parts of this site could be withdrawn at any time - simply because the generosity runs out. You get what you pay for, and this is all free, you lucky lucky people.

Accidental Stupidity
DON'T share your password with anyone, and make sure it's not easy to guess. I'm not going to step in if you tell your partner your password and they then go and change all your details - the onus is on you to be secure!

If any moderator finds evidence of abusive behaviour from you, your account will get nuked. Any offensive usernames will also get your account nuked. My suggestion would be to grow up.

People of less than 18 years of age
If you're under 16, you should check with their parents first that it's OK to register, and be careful with what you choose to disclose to the public in your profile. If you're under 18, remember that flaunting any activity that is illegal for underagers is likely to result in your account being nuked, so if you want to stay registered, don't take the chance. You have been warned.

Don't blame me...
Last, but not least, I am not responsible for the content herein - the moderators will do their best to flag any insuitable content, but this site is designed for grownups. I also have a full time corporate job, so don't have too much time to spare doing the site, or answering email.