about us

darkwave.org.uk has been providing services for the UK net.goth community since 1995. It is a completely non-profit organisation, funded only out of dishmop's pocket. He might try and sell t-shirts or something to pay for hardware upgrades in the near future ;)

There are a number of administrators, content moderators and contributers who give up some of their spare time to build up the net.goth online community under the darkwave.org.uk umbrella, as well as companies who have generously spared some bandwidth for our internet connectivity. These include:

Stor - Building online communities.
Bomb - Bandwidth provision.

dishmop dave - Code, bad logos and system administration.
jen - Community management and sanity checking.
guy hammond - System administration.
graham boyd - System administration (Cambridge).
matt burns - Whitby site

There's a whole bunch of people who have contributed to the net.goth community in some way or other - try checking out the alt.gothic or uk.people.gothic FAQs for more of them.

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