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Club nameCyberpolis
Club webpageCyberpolis
Street Address/DirectionsTBC
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionYet again another club closes. Envy has shut before Cyberpolis got to run their first night.

The search for a venue continues
Opening HoursTBC
Submitted byeeymsmo
Submitted on:2000-10-16
User comments
Submitted by: / 2001-01-11
really great night! my favourite night out, and always a good atmosphere. if you don't know many people in notts its a great place to start - worked for me!

Submitted by:Gadge / 2001-03-07
Top night... Reknowned for putting on the first UK shows of a lot of bands that are now club essentials including Covnenant, Funker Vogt and Evils Toy. Excellent choice of tunes nearly every week and some great guest DJs.

Submitted by:PurpleJess / 2001-03-07
Cool club. DJs really friendly. Think its every 2 weeks now.

Submitted by: / 2001-03-13
I really enjoyed my visit here and I'm looking forward to visiting again as soon as I can. :) A great choice of music with a lot of fresh interesting music played when I visited.

Submitted by:vonheath / 2001-03-18
Absolutely brilliant night though I wish the venue was a little bigger and it did feel strange dancing on carpet. The musick was truly fabulous.

Submitted by:astro_feline / 2001-03-20
this is an exellent night! my fave and i think its the best in nottingham. really good music and friendly atmosphere. :)

Submitted by:Gadge / 2001-07-29
Sunday Cyberpolis is sadly no more, according to the cyberpolis club site, the dubble bubble has closed. Whether or not Clive and Lisa will move the night elsewhere..?

Submitted by:Gadge / 2001-08-08
Cyberpolis is moving to Envy (same venue as Last Resort) as of September. Very cool venue, should be great.

Submitted by:Julie-Anne Borgias / 2002-01-17
whoo yeah of the boink boing variety. great night for the cyber/techno hardcore, and fantastic for throwing those die hard traditional goths in the deep end. great mix of cyber, plus lots of new euro stuff, cant wait to get down for one again.

Submitted by:feindflug_uk / 2003-06-03
Cyberpolis will be returning soon to a new Nottingham venue, the fabulous Junktion 7! (In)famous for its excellent clubs and gigs! Cyberpolis will be hosting a night of 100% EBM Industrial Elecktro madness on sunday 29th June. Times 8-12,cheap entry before 9. Be there or be really quite sad... Beware of cheap imitations...

Submitted by:feindflug_uk / 2003-09-04
A reminder to all you Rivetheads and Electrotnuts out there that Cyberpolis events will be running at Junktion 7, Nottingham on the 19th September and also the 24th October. The UKs longest-running EBM/Electro club is celerbrating its 10th anniversary this year, so come along and join in the party! Playing a wide range of elctro and EBM from Assemblage 23 to VNV Nation, Armageddon Dildos to :WUMPSCUT:, Asche to Winterkalte...

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