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Club nameAfter Dark
Street Address/DirectionsWalk away from Reading town centre from the Oracle. You'll pass a big club called "The Matrix", on the about 100 yards up on the opposite side of the road is an alleyway, that leads to the club entrance.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionI went last Friday night, a handful of goths were there. I wish I been in my best ensemble as it had some great UV lamps and a funky ceiling. Loadsa potentially, played lots of really great eighties music.
There is a rear room to drink and chill out in, the dance floor consists of two large platforms and a sizeable main floor. Security is secure! Costs 4 to get in. Drinks are cheap and it's open real late.
Opening Hours10pm-3am
Submitted bycarnage
Submitted on:2002-11-17
User comments
Submitted by:Daisaku / 2003-03-09
this club night is only once a fornight. turn up on the wrong night and it's 70's disco for you!!! not to be confused with neardark in southampton which is goth/industrial = good. afterdark is an indie night = questionable (imho). the clientel of this ventue are your average indiekids and 'normals', inc. those ppl whose music tastes you can't figure out based on attire. the security is secure with a pat down before entry and numerous security personel. i think there is also one of those dudes in the mens room with aftershave/gel/toiletries!! the back room with the bar is quiet enough to be able to talk yet still hear the music. wouldn't decided to go there myself, but if i were dragged there i could still have fun.

Submitted by:InArticuloMortis / 2003-07-06
Only been there once, but i enjoyed myself. Drinks are cheep, its open late....ect but they did play the dreaded evanecence (sorry if thats spelt wrong) 3 times in an hour. lucky it never played again, it may have just been a slip.

Submitted by:cousin_paulie / 2003-10-08
Went there not long ago and was suprised to see how much better it had got since the last time I was there (I was wee!). On Saturdays they have a really good 80's night.

Submitted by:bonsai-daemon / 2003-12-29
Not somewhere I'd plan to go to but if you end up there with a bunch of friends you'll have a good time. The security is good but the bouncers seem to get bored sometimes, for some reason one of them seems to take offence at my hair :)

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