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Club nameLive at the witch trials
LocationDumfries and Galloway
Club webpageLive at the witch trials
Street Address/DirectionsNow at the Venue, near Burns statue in the town centre - monthly. Also at the white hart Hotel on brewery street(behind global video which is on the left as you get off the bus in dumfries at the sands.)
DescriptionThe best metal, punk, goth, industrial night in the south of Scotland. Music is eclectic so be prepared to improve your musical education. Sometimes lively, sometimes there's more life in an open grave (but hey! isn't that the way we like it?)
Opening Hoursdepends on venue. 8 - 3 at the venue. 11 - 3 at white hart.
Phone Number07790374539
Submitted bydjdrgonzo
Submitted on:2002-11-07
User comments
Submitted by: / 2003-03-04
visit: please show your support and make live at the witch trials a night to remember.. muhuhaaa!!

Submitted by:Handsomdog / 2003-03-08
This is by far and away the best and probably only way to get a good night out in Dumfries! Now that it is bringing in class acts such as "The Sepia" and "Last Days of Jesus" things can only get better. I must also add that the Sepia gig was stonking, in a really disgustingly good way and if it is anything to go by then the next big gig "The Last Days of Jesus" will go off in wonderful explosive fashion!!!! This is HANDSOMDOG A.K.A. "The Hawian Goth" signing off.

Submitted by:djdrgonzo / 2003-03-13
Live at the witch trials will be moving to the venue for a one off event for the last days of jesus and the belial project, expect a storming session of music from myself and guest DJ Plastinate (the Cathouse)as well as the bands. Show kicks off at 8pm, first band on at 9pm.

Submitted by:cassie666 / 2003-07-28
get secondnature back! heeh witch trials are great \m/

Submitted by:djdrgonzo / 2003-08-06
well nicola, you would think it was quite quiet because you haven't been since february and don't reeally have a clue what you're talking about do you? It has been at the venue since April and will be running once a month at the white hart (club night only). As for secondnature, we can't have them every month can we? that would be a bit boring... That's why we try to get a new band each month, originality is what Live at the witch trials is all about, not repetition.

Submitted by:djdrgonzo / 2003-08-10
Well unfortunately it looks like the venue are being awkward *smacks fist into hand* and have decided to cancel all the LATWT gigs which i've spent months working on... what they don't realise is there are other venues in the town and all dates booked previously at the venue will now be at the white hart *sticks tongue out in a very childish way*.

Submitted by:cassie666 / 2003-08-12
its also about earning profit aswell matt, cos if you have no customers, you have no money, you have no money, you have no band! get my band and secondnature and possibly medlam and there you go - a crowd! lol i want the back! :P

Submitted by:oldbob / 2003-11-29
This is excellent! the venue is wonderfully seedy, the people are friendly and not at all pretensious and the organizers are dedicated and committed. It was brilliant to see Japanese band Psydoll and my congratulations must go to Matt & co for keeping the un-dead in Dumfries alive!

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2004-09-30
excellent! saw some Digital Hardcore Records bands there recently though I had to leave for the last train to Carlisle *umph*

Submitted by:djdrgonzo / 2004-12-03
Live at the witch trials has expired in Dumfries now for the meantime. For any interested parties i still DJ monthly in Carlisle at the 7th circle - check out the cumbria section for detials. It's only a half an hour away on the train and all the hardcore LATWT crew are all there every month so check it out...

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2005-05-12
Rumoured to be making a one-off come back round about halloween

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2005-07-05
Returning to Carlisle for a one-off featuring Skeletal Family, guest DJs and a whole lot more live on stage on 28th October!! See Cumbria map for more details

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