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Club nameSabotage@The Zodiac
Club webpageSabotage@The Zodiac
Street Address/Directions192 Cowley Road
DescriptionYet another new rock night, this time on Thursdays, and organised by The Club That Cannot be Named, so far it has been much better than any other rock night they've had, so lets hope it stays that way!
Opening Hours10.00-2.00
Submitted byslayergirl
Submitted on:2002-10-23
User comments
Submitted by:amenangeluk / 2003-10-31
fantastic night, but only if you like mainstream-y stuff. lots of drunk people dancin, always fun!

Submitted by:Octobers_Raven / 2003-11-13
Hmmm...doesn't sound like my cup of tea...sounds a bit too much like they just play stuff like Linkin Park and The Darkness from what I have heard?

Submitted by:slayergirl / 2003-12-13
yeah, it plays a bit too much new stuff, but it's better than chart cheese :)oh hang on, did you say the Darkness? lol

Submitted by:imprus / 2004-01-15
mmm..rock night at the zodiac, i ve been to it a few times and you ve kinda got to be drunk or it just gets boring, i would never pay to go to it,it a good place up with friends, recently tho, they seem to play the same set each week

Submitted by:faeriegraver / 2004-08-16
Queen Adreena fans might want to know they are playing a short live set on the 9th of September. Might make it worth going to.

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2006-03-12
Only been to Sabotage at the Zodiac once, but plan to go again next time I'm in town. Music's good, dance floor is not too small, beer is expensive (but maybe not by Oxford standards), and the locals are friendly. Loads of eateries and pubs nearby.

Submitted by:Mr_SelfDestruct / 2007-01-26
I've been a couple of times and definitely had good cause to create a one man moshpit. Good sized dance floor too.

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