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Club nameResurgence
Club webpageResurgence
Street Address/DirectionsScandal's
Hampshire Terrace
DescriptionThis is a monthly club DJ'd on a Sunday by the wonderful Pete Scathe. Musically, a great mix of old and new goth, with some EBM, synth-pop and other stuff.

Entrance is three pounds, with a wierd membership system to get past draconian licensing laws.
Opening Hours7:30pm - 10:30pm
Submitted bygrimoire
Submitted on:2000-09-08
User comments
Submitted by:Morph / 2000-11-23
Definitely worth visiting, with good music and a great mix of people. Just beware of the low ceilings...!

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2001-01-24
Thanks chaps, comments much appreciated! Though entry should be two pounds, not three... unles there's something i don't know about.

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2001-01-24
Thanks chaps! Though entry is actually two quid (I hope), and the specific club web page is Also, it's worth mentioning that Resurgence runs from 7 till 10.30pm owing to those draconian licensing laws.

Submitted by:Morph / 2001-02-12
The revised entrance fee statement: As far as I know (and as tested by the ever-forgetful Marc Elston yesterday :)... -Entrance was 2 with a membership card. -Entrance was 3 without one - 2 to get in, plus 1 for the card itself.

Submitted by:Incurus / 2001-11-19
Was a great night! loads of friendly people! Even for someone who has never been there before! Amazing music Scathe managed to keep me on the dancefloor for an hour and a half constantly! only problem is the constant headbutting of the ceiling pipes! Great Variety in both music and Peeps!! Highly reccomended!

Submitted by: / 2001-12-26
Reason for lack of membership card : Mr Scathe makes me dance too much & the card always turns to mush in my pocket ! Not that I mind of course... Keep it up, Pete :)

Submitted by:Myke_Minstar / 2002-10-06
Splendid club! Was the unofficial lucky mascot(apparently) until work got in the way of my fun!! Watch this space for the triumphant return of the "Eales goth B&B" Hoorah!!

Submitted by:mortiana / 2003-08-25
Leave your top hat, platform boots etc at home, or the beam running across the ceiling near the bar will pose a threat. Otherwise, a great night, I went for the first time recently and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Submitted by:child_of_the_night / 2003-10-20
Its a really cute club.The DJ is happy to play any requests you may have.Shame they dont have a bigger venue.

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2005-03-11
DJ Pete's once a month Sunday offering, only blighted by the fact that its finishes at 10:30Pm (due to our wonderfull archaic British laws), and that its on a Sunday. Venue is the delightfully small and intimate venue of Scandals (host of Connection on a Thursday). I Have heard in recent times that Pete was in 2 minds about continuing Resurgence due to dwindling attendance. Its still going at the mo, but for how much longer is unknown!!!

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2006-02-13
Further to the above comment, Resurgence finishes at 11 these days. I've missed a few recently, but went last night, it was nicely busy and the music was excellent!

Submitted by:Wight / 2007-05-17
The recent resurgence was very good. Great music and a very good crowd. I was surprised how much the place filled out in fact. Brilliant.

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2010-03-12
Unfortunately like Subversion, Resurgence is no more.

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