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Club nameThe Mean Fiddler
Club webpageThe Mean Fiddler
Street Address/DirectionsCharing Cross Road
DescriptionFriday night is Club X i.e: Goth night! Enough said.

5 on the door, 4 with flyer/student ID
Opening Hours11pm-4am
Submitted byvampyregoth
Submitted on:2002-08-07
User comments
Submitted by:filthyrikky / 2002-10-02
Club X is goth ?? I thought it was kinda nu metal kinda thing. Still...the mean fiddler does have some great events coming up including the rather splendind Gotham 2003.

Submitted by:urchin666 / 2003-04-18
ITS NOT GOTH never has been for that check Gothenburg events there. Club X is main floor indie/ rock/cheese top bars one side plays 80's other side rock with DJ Robin (formerly rachel stamp ) Cheap vodka too!

Submitted by:Dreadful_hour / 2004-04-11
I believe that they have started some kind of Metal night on a Friday. I have got free entry after a few gigs at the London Astoria. Was a very good night, although the beer was a bit on the pricey side! Might be worth checking out the line up of their club nights.

Submitted by:Lenore / 2004-08-08
I went to some night during the summer. It was kinda nu-metal and strange, occasionally playing mad caddies then dropping in some prodigy then some linkin park, all very random, but a good [if expensive] night. Hailing from Dundee Scotland, The prices in London in general [and this place is no exception] are ridiculous 4 for a pint of cider and blackcurrant? nae ta. Come up to Scotlnd with your money it would go a looong way!

Submitted by:KevinO / 2004-11-23
I'm a regular at this club so feel qualified to give some detail on it. Friday night at the Fiddler is now "Rock" (it has been for a year now), and runs from 11am to 3:30am. It's not really goth; they have a bar upstairs where they play Death/Black/Heavy metal, and in the big open area downstairs they play a mixture of Rock/Metal/Punk/Ska/Emo and usually a couple of Electro-Dance hits at some point. It's a bit samey from week to week but it is a very good night if you're into any of that music. Occasionally they'll have a guest DJ who'll mix things up a bit (they had some guy from Pitchshifter who did a great electro-dance set, and another time Krusher turned up and bored everyone to death for an hour), and recently they had a live band on (Tat - The crowd are basically alternative but not very goth; there's no dress code and there're quite a few Emo and Indierockers in there as well as some Trendies along with the Metallers and so on. There's always a bit of a mosh and by and large it's all very good-natured, although if it goes on for too long or starts at an inappropriate time the DJs tell everyone to cool it so people who want to dance get plenty of chances too. The drinks aren't cheap, but then this is W1. The bouncers are generally friendly if a touch anal from time to time, DO bring ID if you look young as people do get turned away. I do strongly recommend you try it at least once if you're into alt rock/metal, personally I love it!

Submitted by:kissofpurpledeath / 2006-01-04
Me and my boyfriend went to this once a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty rubbish. There was no atmosphere at all and we really couldn't get into it. Don't recommend it.

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