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Club nameTwisted Libido
Street Address/Directionsat the wilton,
wilton road,
st paul's roundabout
by the train station
far end of fisherton street,

Descriptionit's free entry, as it's in a pub. (& a *very* good pub at that..)

arrive before 9 pm as it's an over 18's private event, and people who arrive when the doors have closed, well, they won't get in...

it goes on till late.

freedom for all kinkiness,
as long as you're well behaved..

more info to come..
Opening Hoursentry 8-9 every 2nd sat each month.
Submitted by
Submitted on:2002-05-31
User comments
Submitted by:Moonlight / 2002-06-21
Is this still happening? People at the Wilton are saying that nothing's been planned, it's not going to go ahead etc etc. If it's not then maybe the listing should be removed??

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2002-06-24
I have asked the Wilton staff about this and they don't know any details about it. I am personally quite concerned about the idea of having a fetish night in a pub for security reasons. It would be difficult to sort the real fetishists from the dirty old regular men who just want to get pissed / stoned and cop a grope, unless there is a strict dress code and people on the door to enforce it. Just restricting entry time to one hour would not deter serious psychos. There would also have to be a strict rule on photography / filming, as many fetishists don't like their photograph being taken for reasons of privacy (they might have conservative day jobs, for example) and don't like to feel like they're being regarded as a freak show for the "normal" people. Before starting a fetish club I think a lot more research has to be done about how other clubs (eg Spank, Torture Garden, Rubber Nipple etc) run their clubs sucessfully and safely. A membership system should probably be in place where you have to apply and be vetted, so nice weirdos get in and the scarey ones don't. A lot more planning needed, I think, Jadite.

Submitted by: / 2002-07-29
it's not my bloody pub or event, kevin asked me to enter it on here asap, if he changed his mind about it after i entered it for him, that's *his* fault, not mine.

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2008-11-15
This event never did happen; could it be removed, please?

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