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Club nameCarnival of Souls
Club webpageCarnival of Souls
Street Address/DirectionsDestiny & Elite
DescriptionTwice a year Goth, Fetish, Cyber event.
Loads of great bands, amazing DJs, dungeon area, fetish performances... and much much more!
Opening Hours3pm-1am
Submitted byvampcherry
Submitted on:2002-05-15
User comments
Submitted by:Narcisse / 2002-05-28
erm... Derby is in Derbyshire.... But anyway - The next Carnival of Souls will be occuring close to Halloween. I'm not sure of the actual date, but I immagine it will start being advertised soon.

Submitted by:Gadge / 2002-05-31
It's October th 20th this year. I shall be Djing both rooms, though obvioulsy not at the same time :) (unless someoe invents home cloning) The fact it is in Derbyshire is exactly why I never posted the event before on the Notts thing, never mind doesnt hurt and a lot of notts goths go there.

Submitted by:ethical / 2003-04-05
Cracking fetish meets goth event - this year it did a Beltane event (as well as the coming Halloween event). ...That's March spring equinox :) or at least, the nearest Sunday to it. The Beltane one was not as busy as the Halloween one, but still excellent to immerse in. Lots to do and plenty to see - the dungeon is highly recommended. Dress to the max !

Submitted by:catamite / 2003-08-18
i believe they do a bus from nottingham to derby for this... so you can get trollied and not have to drive home!!! check for more info... Come on, it's a fantastic day!

Submitted by:Feedback_Asylum / 2003-10-21
A cracking night all round, everytime. Just be sure to follow the dress code...

Submitted by:Baybee-Bat / 2003-11-02
It was a great night for my first time attending. Many things I couldnt keep my eyes off on the stalls...and alas, money fell short. Ill definatly be there next year!

Submitted by:Canary James / 2004-03-16
If you check the website ( you'll now find that it's been updated with info of bands and venues for the October '04 Carnival.

Submitted by:DraconiZ / 2004-03-21
It's a shame its only one carnival this year, but it sounds like its gonna be great. from what i remember of oct, its incredible. though i seem to remember seeing online somewhere that projekt have cancelled a lot of gigs for this year... my advice for anyone who's never been before is to go.

Submitted by:NightSaber / 2004-04-14
10th Anniversary this year, so it's a 2 day event! Have been going now for about 4 years. The site is currently down for maintenance, but well worth checking when its back up, excellent event!

Submitted by:lubyluw / 2004-05-20
went last year for the first time and its amazing!! i am going again this year and am going to town with my outfit....cant wait. they need to do it more than once a year.

Submitted by:darksky555666 / 2005-03-08
Most amazing event and yes they really do need to start doing it more than once a year again, 10th anniversary was great and I went both nights although the Sunday was the better of the two. Great music, lots of stalls, fetish area with lots of play things in one of the rooms. This place has something for everyone :)

Submitted by:darksky555666 / 2005-04-13
Just to let everyone know the Carnival of Souls will no longer be running at the same club as it's now closed down checkout the website for all the latest information.

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