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Club nameThe TUC
Street Address/DirectionsReading Trade Union House
Ambrose Place
Chatham Street

*Exit Reading station, bear right into station Hill, go past the bus stops to the end of the street. Turn left at Caversham Road, cross over the road, go up the hill until the roundabout, on the left is a car park (multi storey) Turn right into Chatham street and cross the road. The TUC is upstairs on the outside should be 'club Tropicana'.
DescriptionThis is an alternatvive club with very varied music. A lot of ska/punk stuff gets played and a good majority of heavy metal, rock and some goth industrial stuff. Plus some cheesy stuff too! The djs are very friendly and play a lot of requests. There are a lot of people from the Rising Sun that go down so there are metallers, goths, alt people. There is a pool table, big bar, bouncers for your security, cloakroom for coats and clean toilets with big mirrors!

I've just started going down and I'm really enjoying it, lots of friendly faces, good tunes and a stage to dance on. It's 4:50 to get in (I think, I'm normally to drunk to remember by the time I get in lol!).But it's every Friday so you can chose when you want to go down.

*It is the same venue as Malediction for those that have been.
Opening HoursEvery Friday 9-2:00 pm
Submitted byKat
Submitted on:2002-05-09
User comments
Submitted by:Kat / 2002-05-28
Due to certain problems with the licence for the upstairs the TUC has been moved downstairs. And despite the rumours it is still OPEN! It is not as big but there are still lots of places to sit down, which work their way all around the club itself, a big dance floor and a good sized dj booth. There is still a booth to put your coats/bags and Tim has now started djing with James. PLus lots of new tunes are always being played. :-)

Submitted by:alexx / 2002-09-12
...and the drinks are cheap! (cos its a uni) always a bonus.

Submitted by:Daisaku / 2002-10-26
Tried to find it yesterday... asked a trio of goths "how do i get into the tuc?", to which one retorted "through the door." cheers... ;) they then led to me the venue which i had passed already... appears the venue is called 'the face' now... opposite end of Chatham St to the multi-story car park... i think it was 4 to get in before 11...

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2003-03-04
Tuc is ok for a night out if you can't be bothered with the journey to London, not the most amazing place I've been to, but then again it's not the worst. The music caters for most peoples tastes and the dj is very good at taking requests :)

Submitted by:Childofdoom / 2003-06-20
Ive herd very strong rumours that this place has closed down! I'll find out this evening tho lol

Submitted by:Childofdoom / 2003-09-07
its still open I was there on friday nite...still the same old place!

Submitted by:Kat / 2003-09-08
No the rumours are wrong. The TUC is still up and running, just in case some of you weren't sure. :-)

Submitted by:cousin_paulie / 2003-09-12
Not the best club to go to if you are in your twenties, it's over run with little Mansonites. The chances of hearing anything goth/industrial(bar NIN) are very, very slim. Apart from that they serve lovely watered down pints(yum!) and the chances of meeting true goth kindred - small. Kiddie rock tripe!

Submitted by:sputnik / 2004-02-03
HI, was just wondering if the TUC is still down stairs...? Plus what is it like now. Haven't been their in ages cause it just wasn't the same when they moved it!!

Submitted by:moody_blue / 2004-06-06
I'm still waiting to go to the TUC, but as of yet haven't been able to. One of my friends Djs there and always has loads of stories etc. it sounds like an ok place.

Submitted by:cousin_paulie / 2004-06-29
Yes the TUC is still downstairs, and yes it's still tripe!

Submitted by:KittyTheSheDevil / 2005-12-14
I go to TUC occasionally. it is still open, but it is downstairs. it is called the face bar now. it costs 3 to get in if your in by about 10 or 4 after that (i think, im always in by 9 so im nt sure). i never went to the upstairs one (too young!) but this one is pretty good. the music caters for all tastes (incuding emo >.<) and the dj takes requests :)

Submitted by:TwinkleDarkFairy / 2006-02-12
This one is still going stonge and is good fun if you like a good dance and has 2 different rooms with different music in each and a poolhall upstairs. *Warning* On friday night they have teen club upstairs in the pollhall and sadly when you trun up to go in the TUC you find lot of really pissed fallen over kids.

Submitted by:TwinkleDarkFairy / 2006-02-25
I went to the TUC last night and had a great time and found out they are now doing saturday nights too. Same set up one room with rock/goth/metal mix and one room with live bands and music after bands

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2006-05-18
is this the same as Face Bar..?

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2007-02-14
went here for new years eve! was predominatly metal/emo/hardcore but the DJs did play some industrial, goth and electro! best alt night I've been to in Reading

Submitted by:tophatmatt / 2007-06-27
Go the the face or Tuc every now and then. Generally an ok playlist. Mostly rock metal stuff and also a bit too mcuch emo at times. Play some goth and industrial stuff but generaly not that much. Tend to play nine inch nails, though it seems to always be 'closer'.

Submitted by:ookthelibrarian / 2008-09-24
TUC was all changed for the Friday night from Feb 2008. It's now open till 3am! Now it's more assorted in the main Red room, with Specialist nights in the blue room. 1st Friday: Indie/Lighter Alternative 2nd Friday: Metal 3rd Friday: Progressive Aggressive 4th Friday: Electrocute - Industrial/EBM/harsh Electro & more

Submitted by:ookthelibrarian / 2008-09-24
oh yes & the club's now called "The Face Bar" & we're waiting to hear about upstairs being turned into a live music venue. Club is still downstairs.

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