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Club namehell
LocationWest Midlands
Street Address/DirectionsThornley Street. Previous incarnations as The Planet and as The Venue.
DescriptionThis club has always been a mainly rock venue.Run by some loverly people who used to have a venue called the Outta Limits. A great atmosphere, Nice people, Reasonable prices and a good mixture of goths and rock people alike, requests usually played and not fobbed off like your usual venues.
Submitted bymushnelle
Submitted on:2002-03-25
User comments
Submitted by:mushnelle / 2002-03-27
My friend and honourary sister just told me that Saturday nights are free entry! Excellent = more Beer/Cider money!

Submitted by:mushnelle / 2002-05-20
the people that run this club have also started a vampire theme fetish night once a month, next one in june but i will find out def details and post thiese. the club now also has an alt indie night (pixies, jane's etc) on friday nights, 1.50 entry.

Submitted by:wildecard / 2002-08-12
as well as a REALLY alternative night on a thursday, cant remember if its 2 or 3 in. No real crowd yet, but Im hoping it picks up. Saturdays are a really good laugh in there though. Good mix of rockers, skaters and goths. Probably because John an Boot are getting the music mix right(Tenacious D, sat next to Static x. Oh yes)

Submitted by: / 2002-09-03
Gets a little crowded sometimes pre-1am with the free admission. Not a bad nite really (espesh if you dont mind your rock/metal) and possibly the best place to go in Wolves these days.

Submitted by:mushnelle / 2002-10-24
Saturday night is free until 11pm, when 1 fee is charged. Fun-Fun!

Submitted by:TragicWrath / 2003-01-04
This Place used to be great when you could Saunter Down The Smoky Stairs And Make A Stars-in-their-Eyes Entrance into The Other Room.:) Apologies,But turn up Early & to me it seems like a School Disco(Possibly me getting old he,he)On the Other Hand,It does Improve as the Night Progresses.(glug,glug) oH,Learned theres a No Moshing Rule !!!booo!!

Submitted by:TragicWrath / 2004-03-10
Okay..Rewind my words..I recently revisited after a looong time away..and..It's been revamped ! Atmoshpere was great,loved the layout. ..May return : )

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