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Club nameSchism
Street Address/DirectionsChurch St.East,
Woking Town Center...
just next to the Big Apple/Planets it's just about 5mins walk from the train station.
DescriptionAll types of alternative music and is brill (the lovely people on the doors are kinda strict about spikey things though).
DJs are
Barni - from Zero Cipher,
Alan - from Pews, Ground Zero (and pretty much all clubs in the area)
Chris - the creator of Schism
Opening Hours9pm - 2am
Submitted bylord_loki
Submitted on:2002-02-17
User comments
Submitted by: / 2002-05-09
The music is not at all goth tho, maybe a bit of Rammstein or Prodigy if you are lucky.

Submitted by:Dollie / 2002-11-08
quake is really nice inside & the lights & laser are really cool :) the music can suck but they sometimes play some good stuff aswell like NIN or prodigy, i guess it depends on your taste though. they do play a big variety of alternative type music so theres something for everyone really. the only thing i really dislike about it is the fact its only on once a month :(

Submitted by:lord_loki / 2003-09-18
2nd thursday of every month

Submitted by:lord_loki / 2003-09-18
oh and their website is

Submitted by:SINdySyanide / 2004-08-25
Apparently Schism is still going, but a lot of people I know who are regulars have said that the music is getting bad and that the DJs only seem to want to play what they like, which means stuff nobody's ever heard of! I run club nights and DJ and the only way to fill a dancefloor is to play top tunes!

Submitted by:muinn / 2005-07-25
You can request songs on the Schism website forum, but otherwise don't expect any thought-provoking music! They are currently cracking down on ID and can only accept Driving Licences and Passports, so go prepared.

Submitted by:nothing666 / 2006-04-15
Schism - The First Friday of every month.

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