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Club nameThe Welly Club
Street Address/DirectionsOn the corner of Wellington ave. Go out of the city on Bev rd, and keep going till you see a big W
DescriptionNot exactly goth i know, but its a good night out on a thursday. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the dj is generally open to requests. Its mostly ska and punk, but if u bring stuff he plays it, like the doors, the smiths, killing joke. Worth a try atleast. ps, its free in before eleven
Opening Hours10pm till 2pm
Submitted bytodeslicht
Submitted on:2002-01-26
User comments
Submitted by:mistressedurera / 2003-05-09
alternative night on tuesdays.. :P

Submitted by:MaliGn / 2003-05-23
Also known to do gigs and nights that would appeal more to cybermuppets out there, if there are any in Hull.

Submitted by:My_silent_undoing / 2003-06-08
they now do succubus at wellie an under 18's rock and alternitave night

Submitted by:thamiel_kain / 2003-11-12
As far as mid week alternative things go.. it can be somewhat entertaining as far as tuesdays go. i think if i remember correctly, many vodkas have been drunk since then, house doubles were a quid n half.

Submitted by:drusillafromhell / 2004-06-24
If thinking about going to succubus (the under 18s nite) dont because its not very good. It is now not very goth at all and is full of emos and punks. So be warned !!

Submitted by:RESURRECTION666 / 2004-10-02
went to succubus last nite, its mostly goths and moshers there now, still a good nite tho, the play a lot of slipknot and system of a down...stuff like that

Submitted by:tortured_desire / 2004-12-11
Used to go when it was a great night but that was a couple of years ago and heard that it isnt too good these days, good to see/hear that the kids have a good nite tho, its about time someone thought about them.

Submitted by:RESURRECTION666 / 2005-05-02
Actually no, it's more full of emo-phags and mini-moshers/wannabes, musics still pretty awesome tho, it's just funny to watch all the emo-phags trying to pit! Anywayz yeah, take care people! Sophz x

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