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Club nameCatastrafiend (@Monroes)
Club webpageCatastrafiend (@Monroes)
Street Address/DirectionsMonroes Bar, Carnegie Arts Centre
Workington Cumbria
Alternatively contact Paul or Sharon at
DescriptionAlternative event ( wrongly listed as Gothic Disco on here) playing anything from Discharge to Limp Bizkit, Manson to Bauhaus.
Caters to all alternative genres, which makes it a very interesting evening.
Opening Hours9pm - 2am
Phone Number01900 602122
Submitted byPS
Submitted on:2002-01-07
User comments
Submitted by: / 2002-02-05
when the gothic disco was added to this list, 1, castastrafiend wasnt know as that, as the listing was post after the first or second shin dig. secodnly in the local news paper it was advertised, perhaps wrongly as the gothic disco. the catastrafiend nights are getting better but they are still over run by 12 year olds.

Submitted by:PS / 2002-03-17
Next event is on 20 April, and we have tribute band the Sisters of Murphy ( playing a live set then the Catastrafiend * disco* afterwards, playing goth / punk / metal and industrial tracks.

Submitted by:PS / 2002-03-28
Firstly this event has ALWAYS being known as Catastrafiend, as the back posters for advertising show. The local press DID get it wrong, as YOU know. Secondly, it is NOT attended by 12 year olds, the minimum age to get in is 15, a move which WE ourselves decided along with the local police and the venue manager. We also introduced the * no stamp, no booze* policy. If you need to comment please try to make it honest and constructive

Submitted by: / 2002-04-04
im sorry what i said was my honest opinion and what i felt was a point that needed highlighting. other peeps have had the same opinion as me and if it is a crime to say what they are then i have commited it. this website is built on opinions of peeps giving postive and negative feedback about evnets etc this is my opinion of the event and i think you need to take the critism instead of saying i need to post 'honest and construtive' comments

Submitted by:-Zillah- / 2002-04-27
erm i think you'll find lipservice is honest. i even have a ticket saying 'gothic disco' hardly anyone knew it was called Catastrafiend (unless it was just me and my friends) also it was fun to see people who were 15 with a stamp so woohoo to the *no stamp, no booze* policy

Submitted by:archbishop_of_mullet / 2002-09-19
The 'No stamp, no booze' policy works well but can be a touch annoying when you're 24 and still have to argue with the bouncers for them to give you a stamp!!!! Oh yeah, it WAS always listed on tickets that were bought from the box office (and on the posters) as 'Gothic Disco' but they've changed it now.

Submitted by:J.e.z.e.b.e.l / 2003-05-08
does this thing actually still happen anymore?

Submitted by:*DaZe* / 2003-05-20
if your a seasonal regular here and the barstaff know you they ignore the hand stamp rule! don't know if this still happens though!

Submitted by:archbishop_of_mullet / 2003-05-22
Yeah, if the bar staff know you it's OK, they've changed the bouncers now though which can be half the problem. Plus it just depends on who you go in with. They still do have Catastrafiend things but not that often anymore plus hardly anyone's been at the last couple (means you can get what you want played though which is cool!!! Kinda like those heady nights in Shadows.......)

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