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Club nameComa
Street Address/DirectionsIt is at secrets, between RM1 and Trinity Church, near the Ford and Firkin.
DescriptionBig Rob in the main dj. Music tends to be varied but there is always a good(ish) goth and industrial set. (if you dont mind the same songs every week)
Opening HoursMonday 9-1
Submitted byDark Fairy
Submitted on:2001-12-24
User comments
Submitted by:Violent T-bag / 2002-02-04
the music is still the same as its always been so dont expect to much variety and dont bother asking the djs to put on a cd u have brought to the club because you will get fobbed off with "yeah i'l play it in a minute" its getting boreing now but hey at least its cheap, and watching robin dance is good for a laugh

Submitted by:Hellion / 2002-02-08
Well well well. Coma is back! I always used to enjoy myself when Coma was at Hollywoods, and at its first run at Secrets for a while. It started to suck towards the end, but now it's back. I went the other week, and well, convinced I would be bored, I had a great time. Big Rob and the other DJs know about variety. You have your nu-metal (well something has to be done to keep the kiddies entertained), your proper heavy metal, rock, grunge, alt. and punk stuff. Then you have goth and industrial, courtesy of Big Rob, and then at the end of the night, a "bangin'" for want of a better word, hard house/trance/techno set, which is a great contrast for the latter part of the evening. Drinks are cheap and more importantly bottled (so no watering down!) and a bottle of Carlesberg is only £1.00. Bonus! Personally I think there should be more extreme/thrash metal, but if me getting a guest set is what is required, I'm damn determined!

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2002-03-03
Crap venue, Crap Bouncers (impolite gits), Music is 50/50. Normally emptier then a school disco. Ok for locals, dont bother to travel though.

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2002-03-21
Between Coma And Freak, its the Lesser of two Evils.

Submitted by:Dark Fairy / 2002-09-18
Its been alot busier lately, although the music is still very predictable! It now free to get in before 11pm. It has moved next door to rm1 for a few weeks while they refurbish secrets.

Submitted by:hippygoth / 2002-12-07
Coma has temporarily moved from secrets to the opium lounge. But itis still held on a monday.

Submitted by:spad / 2004-07-12
I went to coma last week for the first time (I have just moved from London) and it was brilliant, had lots of fun with cheap drinks, music was great they played all my old time fav Goth and EBM tunes. ITíS A MUST FOR ALL TO GO!

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2004-08-29
Coma is much better now. New DJ's have joined Big Rob so your getting a better mix of music now. Entry is free before 10pm, Members £2 after, Non-members £4. Fosters £1.50 a pint all night. Some spirits and mixers at £2 a go. Bar closes at 12pm though! Great local night.

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2005-08-21
This night no longer runs! Sorry folks!

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