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Club nameAgincourt
Street Address/DirectionsA30 in Camberley
DescriptionRock nights every Saturday, attended by some of the local Goths.
Opening Hours9pm - 2am
Submitted bytaoist
Submitted on:2000-09-20
User comments
Submitted by:Kat / 2001-06-18
This is a pretty big club inside, easily accessible to drive to and has car park at back of it. Contains a comfy seating area quite close to bar, another at back of the club and down the sides. There are good uv lights, strobes occassionally and a big dance floor. There are some groups of goths here, but also a lot of skaters and 'alternative' people. There is a lot of heavy metal played, some industrial goth, but a lot of ska too. Its best to get here early due to parking, and queues at bar. All in all it can be a laugh, you can wear what you want and there are bouncers their for your safety. Occassional drinks offer, 50p shot Jd, Vodka or Tequila.

Submitted by:Deva696 / 2001-08-20
The Agincourt!! a very good club indeed, aslong as you dont go down there every single weekend for years and years. The inhouse Dj is Brad who has been there aslong as i can remember, but has a small problem, of that he has the need to talk all the time, also you have Alec whos taste in music is lacking in my opinion, but thats because he only plays punk and nu-metal. a good size club, and a nice place to go if you cant get into london. you can meet some very nice people there, most of the girls are about 15/16, so if your into young girls then your in luck. i will be normally found on the dance floor when they play somthing good! it is a must to go at least once

Submitted by:Kat / 2001-10-15
Despite all the scaffolding outside it is still open! It is being done up a bit inside and is currently being painted black on the outside, all the windows have been blacked out too.Went last week (haven't been for months!) and really enjoyed it, the music was much better (more heavy metal) and people are appearing from all over the place-plus the cheesy music is good at the end!

Submitted by:Deva696 / 2001-11-12
New Roof New nights... The re-work of the inside of the club is working well, at the moment they are re-tarmacing the car park and have jsut re-built the roof. there is a new lighting rig being installed soon, also new Industrial Goth night is being set up one a month on a friday night, so with any luck the camberley shit hole will become a hot spot again..

Submitted by:exordium / 2001-11-16
Right here goes, this is the kinda of place u have 2 go intent on having fun, not that it sux just that theres not much apart from the music and bar!!, the music has been gettin quite good recently, more industrial and less punk, unfortunatley theres still lots of "pop" metal but its still fun. Best to go with mates, the people r all fun and good natured, yes even us 16 yr olds (i dont count coz i look 22!!), go with an open mind and just have fun being around like minded people in a safe enviroment, at the end of the day who cares if ur wearing phat jeans or a huge trenchcoat as long as u all respect ecahother....ok ill shut up now

Submitted by:Deva696 / 2002-01-03
---FRIDAY 25th January---- Camberleys Very Own Agincourt Hosts its first Ever Industrial night, offering, Metal, Punk, Goth, Industrial, Hardcore and sounds from the underground. Night starts at 9:00 pm till 2:00, the normal door costs still apply. they are still looking for warm up Dj's and Pews Pub In guildford on a thursday night will be the test ground, speak to alan.....

Submitted by:Deva696 / 2002-05-30

Submitted by: / 2002-11-20
sucks tits

Submitted by:cookiemonster / 2003-03-17
I haven't been there for a while, last time I went must've been in november and i havent been back since coz i thought it was a dump. i saw Fony play there and the sound was terrible! and it was FREEZING cold!

Submitted by:-0- / 2003-11-17
This place can be ok, on one condition.... you must be absolutely hammered by the time you turn up otherwise the night will most likely not be worth it.

Submitted by:Fatima / 2003-11-19
Celibrated my 30th there last weekend, first time I'd been in 3 years. As a teenager I went regurlarly and its not changed much. Had a fab time, although I was slightly worried by the dance music played. It's still a chilled atmosphere, had fun will return.

Submitted by:lekta / 2003-12-02
ahhh, the ag! home sweet home! well almost. Been going to theis club for a few years now and although i hate to admit it, I love the place. Not the best club I've ever been to, but it definately has the best atmosphere, and some occasional dudey competition nights and other events. Prices aren't too bad and you can normally get any requests played. Worth a look in if your in the area.

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