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Submitted by:midnight blue / 2001-02-02
The Intrepid Fox is one of the nearest pubs to here. Meard Street is the narrow street almost opposite the entrance to the Itrepid Fox

Submitted by:Taryn-Vee / 2001-02-28
Tenebrae is an excellant night out ... resident band Descendant of Cain play before the club officially starts. I dont know what happened but my money went very fast - there is a happy hour from 9-10 where shots are 2 for 1 but all drinks end up being 3 ...

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2001-11-25
The website above is over 2 years out of date - I've created a new one at . This also includes more recent set lists!

Submitted by:fuzzy moon child / 2002-03-24
In addition to The Intrepid Fox, Garlic and Shots on Frith St is also a fine place to meet prior to tenebraeing... Described by as, "one of those swedish gothic heavymetal vampire theme bars" which pretty much sums it up. Great food and if you don't mind premixed vodka shots there's a hundred concoctions to choose from!

Submitted by:velouria / 2002-04-02
Gossips is ideal for a night like Tenebrae.With resident band Descendants of Cain playing first,it's a good warm up before the set!More clubs should do this!There is a tendency for Tenebrae to lean towards the 'trad' goth music,but Dave's sets are always very varied,with a good mix of old faves and newer and lesser known stuff! My only down point is the price of the drinks,but hey,it's London and it's the same everywhere!Only once a month so it doesn't break the bank 2 much,and it's a top night all round,so definitely worth it!

Submitted by:Flannel / 2002-10-28
Excellent Music and loads of people, on the really picky side the dance floor is small and the basement club can get extremely hot and airless.

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2002-12-10
The website has now moved to

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2004-09-21
Friday 24th September will be the last Tenebrae to be held at Gossips - the venue has changed hands. Tenebrae may or may not start up at another venue - we'll keep you informed!

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2004-09-22
...STOP PRESS... Sorry for all of the messing around... Tenebrae on Friday 24th is now CANCELLED - apparently the club is not going to be in a usable state (I think they've knocked a wall down or something). We are trying to rearrange a final Gossips Tenebrae, I will obviously let people know if and when this happens. Again, sorry for the previous misinformation, we had previously been assured that the 24th was OK...

Submitted by:Sheridan / 2004-09-23
The bad news is that it has been taken over by new owners, who won't even wait for a long-established night to bid a farewell - they've started changing it into a souless wine bar and have ejected Tenebrae, without even waiting a week for us to have a swan song there :(

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2004-09-27
After the recent goings-on at Gossips, we finally have some good news for M:Alice / Tenebrae goers. We have booked a few nights at the St Moritz club on Wardour Street, just around the corner from Gossips. I haven't yet seen the venue myself, but apparently it's very nice (lots of alcoves etc. and the air conditioning actually works!). The nights we have booked are: Wednesday 20th October Wednesday 24th November Wednesday 29th December As these are midweek nights, we have chosen to revive the M:Alice name - these nights will be known as M:Alice Revisited. This is a trial period - if these nights go well, we may possibly be offered a Friday slot, which we would use to restart Tenebrae. M:Alice Revisited will of course be DJed by the usual Tenebrae DJs (Ben, myself, DJX and DJ? Bat). These nights will run from 9pm to 2am, and admission will be 4, or 3 with a flyer (before a set time) - we will shortly be producing some online flyers with the full details on.

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