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Club nameAscension
Club webpageAscension
Street Address/DirectionsTeviot Union, Teviot Row
DescriptionRegular nightclub; check website for latest information and dates. Discounts for EDG&R members.
Submitted byCybertron
Submitted on:2000-09-19
User comments
Submitted by:Petit Scarabee / 2001-02-18
Probably the best club in Edinburgh musicwise - to me at least... Still a bit shy to play varied and new stuff, but they're a nice and interesting bunch of people, and they surely have good intentions. :)

Submitted by:alnya / 2001-10-05
web site now availiable on for news, shopping and gossip.

Submitted by:Pagangothwitch / 2001-12-03
Should have posted this before but Ascension can now be found at Teviot Student Union, Bristo Square, Edinburgh. But you all knew that anyway!

Submitted by:evilgirl / 2002-07-16
Some good news and some bad news:- Bad News: no Ascension now till October. Booo!!!! Good news: when it comes back, it's going to be fortnightly instead of monthly. Wahey and hallelujah!!! Keep an eye on the website listed above, the Events section here, Scotgoth or Nightnews mailing lists for more details.

Submitted by:sakura_angel / 2003-07-18
Was at the Cruxshadows gig with Ascension djs. Great mix of music, lovely, friendly, un-snobby ppl and superb gig :D I'd come thru to Edinburgh all the time if I could afford it!

Submitted by:Skayrecrow / 2003-09-09
The best club, the best music, friendly people and a great venue . ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE .

Submitted by:lady_harrier / 2003-09-21
Great club, great people, great music what more can I say!

Submitted by:Lone-Gunman / 2004-08-31
I have to agree with Lady_Harrier this place is excellent (thanks for inviting us up Sue). Go next time its on, you will not be disappointed.

Submitted by:niknok / 2004-11-01
I have attended a couple of the do"s the folk at Ascension have put on and have had a whale of a time. Great atmosphere,wicked NOISES,good company, Fantastic attire,all goes to make this club "..A must if your in auld reeky..."

Submitted by:glass_bubblegum / 2004-12-22
Without a doubt the best club in Edinburgh overall. The crowd are lovely and always impeccably dressed and the music generally caters for all tastes- I'm certainly kept dancing 'like a maniac' anyway! In my opinion at its best when held in either Marcos or the Debating Hall of Teviot, but always an enjoyable night regardless.

Submitted by:paper_angel / 2005-05-27
I came here a couple of years ago when I was on holiday in Edinburgh. It was one of the best goth clubs I have ever been to. I have never met so many friendly goths under one roof! The music was great, the atmosphere was electric and everyone was dressed to kill! I got lost a couple of times going to the bathroom and the dance floor got absolutely packed but it was all part of the enjoyment! I would highly recommend this club to anyone who is looking for a good goth night in Edinburgh!

Submitted by:X-DarkLord-X / 2005-12-12
Upcoming Ascension Dates: 21st January 2006 18th February 2006 18th March 2006 ^__^

Submitted by:danielgetseverywhere / 2006-01-31
Had an excellent time there. Would recommend it to anyone.

Submitted by:jimbo the jambo / 2006-06-24
New web site available at for all the latest dates and gig info.

Submitted by:X-DarkLord-X / 2006-10-11
Upcoming Ascension Dates: 14th October 2006 11th November 2006 ^__^

Submitted by:mr.Noir / 2011-07-08
Ascension website is: Also on facebook for regular updates.

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