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Club nameDark Trix Goth/Industrial Night Club
Club webpageDark Trix Goth/Industrial Night Club
Street Address/DirectionsHeld at Bang Bar (formerly Magnum's)
5 The Parade
Basing View
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionNow in its THIRD year!
Gothic, Industrial, EBM, Electronic, 80's, darkwave music. Held on one Saturday every month, check the webpage for dates and directions.

Dress Code: Black, Goth, Fetish, Leather etc.
Entry 3, 4 after 11pm
DJ Taoist + Guests
Free Lollipops!
Opening Hours9pm - 2am
Phone Number07778 415882
Submitted bytaoist
Submitted on:2000-09-08
User comments
Submitted by:dameron / 2001-03-22
I was rather impressed to say the least...Kudos to Taoist et al for running a top-notch night. Leave your pretention at the door and just have a really good night...My only complaint is that I had to leave early... It is an odd sight to see a room full of goths sucking on lollipops though...

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2001-06-17
Dark Trix is fabulous and it's one of my top two clubs - the other being Near Dark - I can't decide which is better. The lollipops are nice! And DJ Taoist is a nice chap and seems to play requests, although his set-lists are so good, you don't normally need to bother. And he plays Depeche Mode! Respect.

Submitted by:Kat / 2001-06-18
This is a wonderful place to go to, don't miss the opportunity. There is a wide range of music played, all very good to dance to and requests do get played. It is not far to walk to from the station, the atmosphere is always thriving and the best bit is the lollipops! Damn fine!

Submitted by:taoist / 2001-10-16
Dark Trix has invested in it's own rig! We now have a 1.6KW system worth nearly 6,000! Twin custom-built Hill-800 amps and Peavey 2XTs with separate 115XT bass bins. Mmmm. Come and listen to all that bootiful sound....

Submitted by:Rosebud / 2001-10-24
Bootiful sounds and yummy boys - what more could anyone want - fabulous night - well worth going the distance for!

Submitted by: / 2001-10-27
I hate to say this but I did not enjoy this night, Whilst I understand that they are providing an important service to the people of Basingstoke and Andover I feel that definate improvements are needed. My main critique is actually of the nightclub itself. You walk from the door straight onto the dancefloor, which means that the dancefloor is freezing cold in winter. There is no cloakroom and a few chairs have been thrown together in a back room which is so far away from the dance floor you can not hear the music. As a result you wind up standing around the bar and getting in the way of people wanting to buy drinks. The toilets were filthy, theres no other way to describe them. For some reason the local biker faction had been allowed in the club by a bouncer who turned out to be a freind of theirs. A very jelous and large biker woman then proceeded to harrass some of the younger goth girls, nothing was done about this as the bouncer was freinds with the bikers, and the bikers appeared to think they owned the place. The DJs themselves had a very good technique and you can not fault their skills, however this was ruined as they played nothing but remix after remix, some so obscure that I could not even determine the song. There was a distinct lack of traditional goth and industrial and at times it felt like a Techno nightclub. One of the DJs also thought that he had the god given right to sleep with as many people as possible, and of course, they would want to sleep with him because he was a DJ!! I feel that Dark Trix has the ability to be a really good night, but it needs to pull its socks up. Moving to another venue would be a big improvement, untill that time it comes across as a fourth rate slimelight.

Submitted by:taoist / 2001-11-08
In reply to Angry Angel: The inner door is kept shut due to fire regulations, so the cold shouldn't be a problem. In fact sometimes it gets too hot! There isn't a cloakroom but there are plenty of coathooks and you can pop valuables in the DJ booth if you ask nicely ;o) The back room has plenty of chairs and tables, and most people agree the music is listenable at the back without preventing civilised discussion. Show me a bar with clean loos and I'll show you Santa Claus! The local bikers adhered to the dress code and are generally a nice bunch. No-one complained about their behaviour AFAIK. If anyone gets harassed they should tell me and I'll make sure something is done. We played just 8 remixes out of 65 songs. The playlist is at so judge for yourself how obscure it was. As always it was split 50/50 between "bleeps" and "guitars" to keep everyone happy. Sorry you weren't too impressed. Come back on November 17th and I'll pop you on the guestlist.

Submitted by:Kat / 2001-12-14
well I had a greet time here when I went in November. There seems to be loads of new people, as well as all the regulars, music was brill as always and nice friendly atmosphere. I have never found the toilets 'disgusting' their ok, plus the girls toilet has a mirror-so it's all you need!

Submitted by: / 2001-12-26
Taoist always plays a good range of music with the guest DJs adding a bit of variety, and as far as I know there's only been 1 incident at Dark Trix - a rowdy townie who was instantly escorted off the premises when he started getting out-of-hand. All in all, rather fun IMO.

Submitted by:sapphire001 / 2002-02-25
Just had a really great night here, my first night clubbing for years and first ever Goth club! Music was just the right mix, and even a beginner like me recognised some of it. Drinks were reasonably priced, club was intimate without being cramped, everyone was really friendly and had a really fun time. Looking forward to the next time!

Submitted by:gothmarcus / 2002-03-06
Small club with great atmosphere. The people are friendly, the drinks are cheap and the lollipops are a stroke of inspired genius! Hope to make the trek southwards again soon for another night :)

Submitted by:Rosebud / 2002-10-13
I thoroughly disagree with the comments posted above criticising the club - the dancefloor and seating area are more than adequate - the toilets are actually pretty reasonable for a club venue - the resident DJ certainly does not have this attitude and I have never seen any trouble in all the time I have been going there - please don't let this review put you off going - this is a great club night not to be missed!

Submitted by:draven_wolf666 / 2002-12-23
Simply Fantastic.... Great Atmosphere.... Excellent music... Good to have somewhere a little quieter to chill out... It'd sometimes be nice to have a bigger dancefloor but i think that would lose the intimacy of the club.... I'll definitely be coming back :)

Submitted by:vixmonsta / 2003-08-21
I went with friends on Aug 16th and although slightly put off by the dancefloor being the first thing you find as you walk in - had a really really good night DJ played requests, staff were friendly and my friends and I had a thoroughly fab night... I'll be back later in the year!

Submitted by:bugs_in_brain / 2003-11-16
dark trix not a lot to you can say about it except maybe oh dear, it's not that bad BUT it's not that good either. Musics okish but the mix of different types was missing and the club itself is shabby,bit of a letdown.

Submitted by:taoist / 2003-11-19
Note to bugs_in_brain: Exactly what "mix of different types" were you thinking of?? I can only assume you haven't read the setlists on the website. As for "Shabby", the club has had a relatively recent re-fit! If you're going to criticise a club and put off potential punters, at least explain your reasoning. We played a whole bunch of different genres. Maybe you weren't paying attention.

Submitted by:TJ / 2004-01-20
Another note to bugs_in_brain: I'm sorry if you found the club a bit 'shabby'. I've been the bar manager there for nearly 5 years now, and can assure you that after every weekend, as well as every weekday, as we also cater for the business park in which we are situated, the place is scrubbed from top to bottom including the walls, toilets, floors and bar area. Repairs are carried out at the earliest opportunity too. I would like to say that out of all the crowds we have in the club (we also have drum'n'bass, cheesy disco, wedding parties, live bands, and all sorts), the Dark Trix crowd, which includes me, are some of the most respectful people with regards to the staff and the premises. The decor isn't perfect, but when you have a throughput of thousands of people during the week, a bit of wear and tear is inevitable.

Submitted by:mechanical-nucleus / 2004-07-07
The gothic/industrial club that I know of in the area... Extremely good! I'd like it even more if a little for industrial was played. The venue is very small, but it does get used to it full potential, which makes it good for the size of the event. Cheap to get in! Cheap drinks! Good music! A socially amazing event...

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