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Club nameThe Mission
Street Address/DirectionsCalton Rd
DescriptionFortnightly Saturdays.
3 rooms: large rock, medium "gothic", small indie.

Not much real goth played, mostly popular electro and techno.
Mixed crowd.
5/4 members.
Opening Hours11 - 3
Submitted byCybertron
Submitted on:2000-09-19
User comments
Submitted by:dishmop / 2000-10-24
This is a three-level club - one level plays a mix of Gothic, 80's and Industrial, mixed together. One level plays rock tunes, and the last level is for chilling out.

The club's been going for 8 years now, so you can expect a well-rounded musical affair - saying it plays mostly popular techo is a bit of a mis-representation, methinks :)

Submitted by:Cybertron / 2000-10-31
Sorry about that first description, I wasn't thinking. I think I meant mostly popular electro which crosses over with techno. And they play real industrial too.

Submitted by:smidget / 2001-02-19
Looks like the small indie/ chillout floor has been closed. I've no idea why, but my guess would be that it may have had something to do with the lethal wooden staircase that led to it.

Submitted by:DJSynne / 2001-03-12
It was closed due to fire regulations.

Submitted by:windzswept / 2001-09-25
has a really friendly crowd who go... you can probably turn up on your own and find people to hang out with within two seconds... although you can do this at most places it isn't as cliquey as some places are

Submitted by:BOABCOYLE / 2001-10-15
The mission is the best club for industrial music in Scotland (not too much opposition there!). Thankfully not too much old trad goth, concentrating a bit more on the current scene. Usually an enjoyable evening is had there..

Submitted by:seth. / 2002-09-09
seth love the mish and wants to see minimish (for u18s) cos it must be an experience! hugs to dave + keira

Submitted by:carpe_jugulum / 2003-09-18
I think the best thing to happen if you live in a small rubbish town like me, and not actually in Edinburgh is to discover the mission, lets face it its the only way you can get a decent night out! mAnd it's worth travelling.

Submitted by:lady_harrier / 2003-10-15
The Mission is certainly picking up again since they opened up Mission junior before hand - can now go again without feeling like someones granny. Plus I love the mix of music that they play

Submitted by:slayrae / 2003-10-15
Carlton studios is a good venue for any club, the Mission took a while to find it's ground here, but is now starting to get some of it's old charm again. Thanks for Mission junior, I don't feel as old now.

Submitted by:adi1334 / 2003-10-28
I was slightly dissapointed. Too much "techno"-y music. This is not industrial and the current scene is more than the dancey tunes I heard played (reference to a post above). At least I hope so, although I heard many people that have been in the scene for years being slightly annoyed (as I am) by the current influx of ... well, whatever it is. Electronic babble. It is a question what the scene is about. But this is a whole different subject. I know what I am about, the scene can change as it pleases. I'm not married to it, I never was a "goth". It's really a matter of what makes you tick. And if you dont like it you dont need to be (t)here. I know all this. And besides I got a bit carried away.

Submitted by:Capt-Spanky / 2004-02-19
Was at he Mish on Saturday. Was the DJ on the rock floor taking the micky? The music was dire, not like the Goth floor. No idea who the DJ was up stairs but I did enjoy what I heard.

Submitted by:ladyviqueen / 2004-04-26
Ive been going to the club for years now and always have a great night out. Good sized club with cheap drink! iprefer the upper floor for music as downstairs is nu-metal ...and i feel old!

Submitted by:DarkMog / 2004-10-16
hi. i go to the mini mish and have been since january.i think its a great club. it only costs a 5 and its a great way to spend your saturday nights especially if u don't live any where near the place

Submitted by:Selkit / 2004-11-07
I heard that the Mission was now on a weekley basis. Is that true enough? And I haven't been recently - is it still any good??

Submitted by:yrrab / 2005-02-12
Yeah, we've been running weekly for a good while now. the goth floor is still every 2 weeks though, the other weeks are void which plays "extreme metal".

Submitted by:lady_harrier / 2005-10-05
Have heard a rumour that Studio 24 has been closed down, is this true??? If so where is the Mish now held if at all

Submitted by:faery queen / 2005-10-13
i went to one mission, on the goth night, and i have to say, it was pretty crap. the 80s set was good, but there just wasn't enough of that or old school goth for me. most of it was just that emb beepy techno stuff. it also got VERY hot upstairs. really not worth the effort of going, in my opinion. tho the club itself is ok, i dont' mind the rundown look and the candles were fun to play with. but the two hour straight set of beepy music made the entire night a waste.

Submitted by:X-DarkLord-X / 2005-12-12
The fate of Studio24 [where The Mission is held] will be decided some time in January [when the licensing board of The City Of Edinburgh Council meets] There appears to be objections from nearby Residents to the renewal of Studio24's license. If the Board decide the license is not to be renewed, then it is very unlikey Studio24 will remain open. As to my opinion of the Mission, it aint bad for the Goth/EBM/Industrial stuff but it can be a bit hit or miss [I assume it depends on who's DJ'ing]. Try Ascension [Goth/Industrial/EBM/Electo/Darkwave] or Cyberia [Darkwave/Industrial/Electro] - Both clubs are held at Teviot House Union, Bristo Square, Edinburgh

Submitted by:elfyshian / 2006-01-03
Any ideas if The Mission will be on any time this month? There are rumours of one on the 7th.

Submitted by:euryleia / 2008-09-02
The Mission is dead. Closest thing now to it is Ascension at the same place.

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