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Club nameThe Club
Street Address/DirectionsHillcrest Street, Hanley.
DescriptionGoth/Industrial Nite (held on the last Thursday of the month)
Opening Hours10pm til 2am
Submitted byBlackcygnet
Submitted on:2001-11-10
User comments
Submitted by:PsyberWyche / 2001-11-17
Apparently Lucas is DJing this nite, and hopefully he'll cater 4 the cyber scene as much as he used to @ the Suth (RIP), and if so i shall b there!! (ps. I know its a gay club, and that might put some people off, but i've been told the atmosphere is cool, liberal, and hassle free)

Submitted by::D / 2001-11-18
More information can be found at (you may have to copy and paste the link if it's not highlighted).

Submitted by:lupine / 2001-11-30
what a good night ,good music ,good people ,good venue ,GOOD LUCK TO LUCAS IN HIS NEW HOME ,CHEERS MATE.

Submitted by:evilgothicpixie / 2001-12-01
Well what can i say, it's was brilliant, and resulted in me staying far too late, and feeling like utter crap at work, cheers Lucas (grin). Music was a good mix, dance floor packed out for most of the night, where have all these people been hiding all year! The next one will be the last Thursday in January, due to Christmas. But if it changes i'm sure there will be another posting!

Submitted by:emoniel / 2001-12-04
Luke has always been a good DJ, missed the last night but i'll (hopefully) make it down for the next. See you all there

Submitted by:BLZbub_666 / 2001-12-07
Yep it was a great night, much better venue now than the Suth (we have UV lights here now, YAY). The music was great, a fine mix of 80's classics (you spin me right round baby right round..... AHMMM sorry!) and new style cyber goth, with a dash of HIM and other great bands. I hope this night continues to be as successful as the last one was, and who knows... It could move to a fortnightly event, (well chicos gets twice a week!)

Submitted by:ElectroAngel / 2001-12-11
A great night, with great music (there was enough variation to keep everyone happy). See you all at the next one!

Submitted by:DarkFox / 2002-04-13
Tried this venue for the first time on Thurs 28/3/02. I have to say it was the best goth night in staffordshire I've been to since the old goth nights that Ian Cornwall, John Williams, and Adam Thomas used to do a few years ago. The Music here was excellent, as usual for Luke. Impressively, though, the venue was amazing. Having never been to the club before I was impressed by the UV, the lack of loads of tables (definately a good thing-not many tables) and the overall presentation of the place (didn't look like a toilet, like the Suth or Chicos do). Being a person that usually goes to Jillys in Manchester for my nights out, I was overjoyed to find out how great this place was. Now can you imagine my horror to find that the best currently running goth night this side of London is actually no longer currently running? Checking the DK website, you'll quickly find that the *THE NIGHT LAST MONTH (MARCH) WAS THE LAST DK NIGHT* this set. That means we've got to check back in September to see what's going on. Me? Absolutely gutted...

Submitted by:evilgothicpixie / 2002-04-29
Desolate Knights is having an extended summer break and is apparently back in September.

Submitted by:Wendywhiplash / 2002-05-11
Hello my pretties. Right, its curnetly not running , due to low numbers:( But it will be back in September :D, so you lot better attend and show ur support to an ACE night out. Don't miss it!!!!

Submitted by:Blackcygnet / 2003-09-08
D.K is back! Now every 2nd thursday of the month, from 10pm til 2am. Only £2 entry and £1.50 for a pint!

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-10-08
were gointhere 2morow, where bouts in hanley is it?

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2003-10-10
im not realy in2 the music they played there but it was ok, sum of the music towards the end of the night git a bit repetative but it was still ok, good dance-flore.

Submitted by:DarkFox / 2003-10-12
I really enjoyed it. I was a little dissapointed at having a bit less 'newgoth' stuff than usual, but I suppose the EBM crowd were around and needed satisfying. I used to recognise Luke for all his London After Midnight and Suspiria, so I really missed it. Still, it was a great night, great people, great music. Best goth night in the area by far.

Submitted by:jaycee666 / 2003-10-21
So the Suth Night has moved to the club hey? Didnt know that though I heard rumours something was going on there may have to check it out.

Submitted by:RoseBudRae / 2003-10-27
Met so many friends here! Very friendly! but the, erm, men can be a bit TOO in ur face! but, still a good night out!

Submitted by:nisshóku_san / 2003-11-15
Well last nights was quite enjoyable, I am completely biased in the fact that loads of EBM was played and thats the sort of thing I am into right now.... The numbers were a bit dissapointing, lower than I remember... But it was well worth going, as is every night Luke runs....

Submitted by:Hapsburgs_Shadow / 2003-12-15
A night of mucho debauchery.... Pretty good actually....;)

Submitted by:Y2Jabba / 2004-01-09
place was REALY quiet up until about 12ish then it started to fill up a bit.

Submitted by:darcei_covenant / 2004-01-12
Had a great night last thursday! Cheers!

Submitted by:Sparklypilly / 2004-03-09
Have only been here once but from my experience I could definately recommend it! Was a bit quiet until later on in the night so I think it is probably best not to get there too early! Good music!

Submitted by:Asha / 2007-02-27
No longer any alternative nights at The Club! Someone should of mentioned ages ago really :)

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