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Club nameThe Bay
Street Address/DirectionsMarine Terrace
In the bay basement.
During Uni Term time there`s a rock night on Fridays and indie night on Mondays, doubtful you`ll hear any goth music but it`s very goth friendly..
Submitted bySpaceboyZero
Submitted on:2001-11-07
User comments
Submitted by:Gwilym / 2001-11-24
One of the best thing about the Bay is that it is on the Prom. Thus you can come out and go down on the beach. Even better when it is stormy and you can get blown off the Prom and covered in sea spray. Ah but do they still give you the dodgy vodka free on Fridays if you buy a drink over a quid. Also you can buy Absnithe here. Which may or may not be a good thing. Also unless it has changed you can get in free before Eleven.

Submitted by:sangwin / 2001-11-26
the tables are not screwed to the floor so watch you don't fall over them!

Submitted by:divineangel / 2002-08-09
Yes they still give away free vodka. It can get really nasty in the toilets around midnight. It's still free before 11, I'm not sure they charge at all actually, but I've never arrived after 11ish. Lousy music though. Good job it's free, I wouldn't pay to go in! If you like nu metal you'll be fine, but not if you like goth/industrial or classic rock. Upstairs often play a few classics (Smells Like Teen Spirit etc) so if you fancy a good bounce that's always worth a look in. (Excellent selection in the jukebox in the pool room!)

Submitted by:elray / 2003-04-05
Pretty deserted out of uni term time. Seemed very goth friendly though.It's quite mangey too.

Submitted by:Demonix / 2003-05-22
It is scuzzy but it's on the seafront and a hell of alot better than The Glen. Your feet may well stick to the floor and with cheap drink prices make sure the rest of you doesn't end up there as well!

Submitted by:sangwin / 2003-06-02
The bays alright if you're totally plastered, but last time i was there there was a fight, so it is a bit dodgey really

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2003-10-01
The basements a bugger to get to since there are three seperate staircases, only one of them is used, but also there a load of scafolding in the way! They don't do free vodka any more either :( However when utalised right the two seperate DJ booths are cool

Submitted by:nikray / 2003-11-06
There's a cool atmosphere in the basment and some of the music was alright, but some of the seats were really annoying.

Submitted by:S2K / 2009-01-19
I have to say, nights in the bay basement used to be fantastic, better than the Angel infact, as we could just take over. Then all of a sudden the basement closed for ages and any nights or gigs would become a pain to put on. I deejay'd at one gig here a couple of years ago and halfway through my sets the bouncers would tell me to switch the music off while the bands were unloading their gear. Although the bands were good i'd never deejay here again. Still after the angel closes its a good place to kill a few hours.

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