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Club nameThe Salisbury Arts Centre
Club webpageThe Salisbury Arts Centre
Street Address/DirectionsSt Edmund's (ex church)
bedwin street,
wyndham/chequersy area...
Descriptionartsy events held here, includes good local bands, and not so good local bands, mainly awful punky nu-metal indie skater types, but sometimes it's worth going... yes.. and they have a great bar, which rich guilbert works at... or he did when i last checked, but anyway, it's got good events, but the plays and workshops are better than the bands, usually... gah..
Opening Hoursvery strange, check local paper for events &/or call for opening hrs..
Phone Number01722 321744 ~
Submitted by
Submitted on:2001-11-06
User comments
Submitted by:Vermillion / 2001-12-17
Yes, the Man With No Tan still works there, but does that count as an attraction???(and I mean that in a loving way, Rich)

Submitted by: / 2002-03-07
i think it does =)

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2002-03-30
Unfortunately, the Man With No Tan has been sacked from the Arts Centre bar, so you'll have to come to Nighthouse every Thursday at the Wilton to see Rich, your favourite purple spikey baby dinosaur! Not that I'm trying to plug anything ;)

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2004-07-28
Salisbury Arts Centre is currently undergoing its long awaited squillion pound refurbishment, which means that they will be adding a whole new building to the existing church building which will contain a studio thetare, cinema, disabled lift, another disabled loo, and loads of other stuff. And, for all you goths, it's built over the site of 12 or so Victorian graves, whose contents had to be excavated by archaeologists and moved before building work began.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2005-03-02
It's still being refurbed. How long is it now? 2 or 3 years? Rumour says it'll be open before the summer but don't hold me to that.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2006-05-11
I heard that the arts centre is open again? If it is, what's it like? Are they putting on any good gigs? Let us know!

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