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Club nameCarnival of Souls @ Destiny/Elite
Street Address/DirectionsColyear Street (off Macklin St)
Derby, DE1 1LA

There is a multi-storey car park next door to the club.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionAn annual goth/fetish all-day event taking place around Halloween each year. The venue has two big rooms, one of which has a dancefloor and the other has a band stage plus there's a fetish room - and plenty of clean loos. Cloakroom is well organised and no massive queue at the end of the evening.

There is a good selection of stalls selling gothy things.

The drinks are club prices and the food is just chips and burgers but they do give you passes out so you can find somewhere else to eat.
Opening Hours3pm-1am
Phone Number01332 363151
Submitted bykrissf
Submitted on:2001-10-29
User comments
Submitted by:Twisted_Goth / 2002-01-06
Carnival Of souls is now running twice yearly, the seccond date is around the end of April/ Begining may. Hopto see you all there.

Submitted by:*~Kamalaya~* / 2002-01-07
I think it starts a bit too early, and the drinks a far far too expensive! Apart from that it's a good event with plenty of decent bands and lots of stuff to occupy you inbetween. A bit more variety in the playroom wouldn't go amiss though...

Submitted by:KarlSteiger / 2002-07-18
After attending a couple of times I'd have to say I was quite impressed with everything. The venue is exellent... great lighting, room to dance, great stalls selling tons of cool stuff that I never bring enough money for (*scowls* hehe), cool people, decent djs and wonderful wonderful bands. Even the cider & black came pre-mixed - it doesn't get much better than that ;) Everybody reading this should attend. I thought it was tons of fun :)

Submitted by:Karen / 2002-08-04
Well I will definately be there again! Anyone who was at the last few (March in particular) remember us? The MonsterMen? In vampire make-up/wound effects? We will be back... bigger and better this time.... Wanna find out more?

Submitted by:wolfwynd / 2003-02-05
fun fun fun......what can I say! A very interesting way to spend the best part of a day. Great music, great people and great clothes I never bring enough money for! Everyone go! :D

Submitted by:faerywings / 2003-03-04
always a fun night out!

Submitted by:Ruined / 2003-03-05
So much fun, and the next one is soon too!!

Submitted by:semiazas / 2003-03-07
I had an amazing time at the last Carnival Of Souls. There were some amazing outfits! Can't wait for the next one!

Submitted by:darksky555666 / 2003-03-24
I've been going to this event for so many years now, I think that it's great now that it's held two times a year. The stalls sell everything from clothes, CD's (very cheap), jewellary, magazines etc the drinks also seem to be a cheaper now than what they were. Great music from the DJ's and live bands also there are live shows (fashion and fetish)loads of nice people and cool outfits.

Submitted by:littlepinkfaery / 2003-03-25
hello to everyone out there who attended last sun 23/03 if you didn't you missed a good night ! really worth attending- 4 live bands, 2 dance floors and stalls a plenty- next one is Oct 19th

Submitted by:ethical / 2003-04-05
The Spring one (end of March)was great fun - good music, the live stuff was entertaining (esp the scary bitches - who will be in Whitby - but I can't go -wah !). Drinks ARE a bit expensive, but there are some bargains to be had if you fancy some rubber or other accessories (no credit cards though) ! There's a cash machine in the foyer - don't wait until you're leaving to find it there and miss buying a new rubber shirt... like I did :(

Submitted by:catamite / 2003-05-19
The last COS was great, i can't wait for the next one! All the bands were excellent (esp. Synthetic) I also spent large large large quantities of cash on new clothes. Result!

Submitted by:David-in-Cardiff / 2003-06-02
Carnival of Souls is great fun. A dancefloor in each of two big rooms, lots of bars and platforms on different levels, loads of great stalls, people in great costumes, and a very kinky and relaxed atmosphere.

Submitted by:eventsorg / 2003-08-11
The Confirmed date for the next Carnival is SUNDAY 19th October at Destiny & Elite. Full details on the website or Tel: 01623 401207 Additional E.Mail Address:

Submitted by:catamite / 2003-08-14
I love COS... it's a real pity it's going to only be once a year now...

Submitted by:Baybee-Bat / 2003-11-02
This club is amazing. Well...compared to the places ive been :) The floor wasnt sticky at least. A great night had by all at the last C.o.S. Bar staff nice and friendly!

Submitted by: / 2004-01-04
Been going for about 4 years as a mini Whitby. Live music, DJ, clothes stands and cheap bar. A great day out. Always seem to get really good bands on aswell. And the club itself is amazing.

Submitted by:Ragdoll / 2004-01-21
Been here once but had a fantastic day. Saw some great bands, spent lots of money on clothing. Some good stalls, selling gothic/cyber/fetish clothing, goggles,jewellery, etc. Well priced drinks/food. Fantastic club!!

Submitted by:bexylu / 2004-01-26
This is definitely a must do!!!!!

Submitted by:Tempesta / 2004-01-28
Been going for quite a while now and i have seen some great bands on. The stalls are getting better. The disco is fab - though the dancefloor is aliitle small. Well worth a visit and always value for money.

Submitted by:darksky555666 / 2005-04-02
Destiny/elite the club where the Carnival of Souls has been based for so many years has now closed (boo hoo so many good times I had at the event when it was there) who knows what it will be like know? Only time will tell.

Submitted by:angeljezabell / 2005-04-26
this event will now be at the first floor club (rockhouse supanova old premises) according to the website, also according to the website ticket numbers are limited to 400 so I would prepurchase your tickets if your coming from a long way away to be sure of entry.

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2005-05-23
Some details re Carnival October 2005. For more info, see, or eMail It's a 3 day event, running from Fri 21st - Sun 23rd Oct in Derby. Friday night is at the Victoria Inn, and the Sat daytime and nighttime events are at "The First Floor" (formerly Supernova, Future, and Rock House). Ticket info: Day 1 Friday 21st of October, tickets cost 4.50 available on the door only. Day 2 Saturday 22nd of October, daytime market FREE. Day 2 Saturday 22nd of October, evening tickets cost 10.00 in advance, 12.00 on the door. Day 3 Sunday 23rd of October, tickets cost 10.00 in advance, 12.00 on the door. Or buy both Saturday and Sunday in advance from The Carnival Of Souls or See Tickets for 18.00 . On line ticket ordering visit: (tickets subject to booking fee) Also available directly from "Carnival Of Souls", PO Box 6242, Nottingham NG1 5HY, UK (Cheques or POs only).

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2006-04-06
Last year's Carnival was OK, but not as good as the ones of yesteryear at Nottingham Rock City, or Destiny in Derby. I'm afraid the First Floor doesn't really have the atmosphere for this event, and it wan't that well attended. Filling half the club with stalls was a good idea to make the place seem busy. The DJing was excellent on the Saturday night, and the headlining band, Theatre Des Vampires were entertaining. However the best thing about Carnival is the opportunity to meat the wierd and wonderful from across the nation.

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2006-10-16
October 2006 Carnival was a Sunday-nighter at Zanzibar. This place is a bit plusher than last year's venue, and a good choice. Not exactly packed, but vibrant none the less, with children of the night from far afield, as well as Derby goths. Excellent performance by Zeitgeist Zero - shame they were limited to a 20 min slot.

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