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Club nameThe Lido Cliff Bar
Street Address/Directionscliftonville clifftop, (cliff bar). Sorry if that's too vague.
Description'glorified pub' from the 50's, live bands, most local but you get european bands everynow and then, Raging SpeedHorn have played there Earthtone 9 Needle Eye & Appleseed Cast.One of the loos doesn't have a lock. But it's quite a nice place to be. It has a beach and a snooker hall next door. There's a kebab shop over the road too.

It's usually 3-4 sometimes 2.50 with flyers.

Age 16+ (ID required)

open most fridays

You have to try it to like it.

Opening Hours8pm-12am
Submitted bySillygoth
Submitted on:2001-10-26
User comments
Submitted by:leech_goth / 2001-11-17
The Lido has banned moshing... now what do we do there?!

Submitted by:Sillygoth / 2002-03-03
When will it end? This night may be bing made 18+ photo ID only... it'll be empty.

Submitted by:Matte Black / 2002-06-09
Check out the nights run by Raven promotions, brill local bands like Jesus Fix and EinStiefen, plus bands from further afield such as 9xDead

Submitted by:honey4jo / 2003-04-21
havent been to the lido in years, even though i only live down the road. full of emos wearing dubious clothes these days. and no moshing. sorry but jesus fix suck

Submitted by:SheWhoBites / 2003-07-25
One to avoid I think. The bands that play here do so because they can't get gigs anywhere else. The only thing you get a good variety of here are sexually transmitted deseases from the locals who all sleep with each others girlfriends.

Submitted by:supreme_short_queen / 2004-04-07
she who bites: that has got to be the selling point of this place! we should put up posters and start charging extra for the extra 'special' who attend:)

Submitted by:rockangel16 / 2004-07-07
ive been to the lido a few times, it's not fantastic but its not terrible. usually have bands there and is a good night out with a group of friends.

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