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Club namePo Na Na RockNight
Street Address/Directionsendless street, by the bus station, where churchill's used to be.
Descriptionthis is advertised as rock, but is a metal night, they advertised as rock to keep the minimoshers away ~ it's quite good, and by far the best salisbury has at the moment. they claim goth ended ten years ago, and only play it by request, though.. it's 50/50 goths & trendies there. good bar. worth going, & only 2 quid entry, runs between 9 & half 2, every tuesday.
Submitted by
Submitted on:2001-10-17
User comments
Submitted by: / 2001-11-18
the DJ is a git with a huge ego. you have to *beg* if you want goth played, or anything not nu-metal...

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2001-11-28
It's ok. Been getting slowly worse over the past few weeks with less and less people going. If you're a student & have an NUS card you can get in for a 1. Various spirits & mixers are 1 all night as is selected beer. Check at the bar for their promotion that night. The DJ does do requests but be prepared for a long wait and a lot of sitting around. They've now started opening betwen 10pm and 1am because if the sheer lack of people attending.

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2001-12-20
Jadite is right - the DJ is an arrogant git, but the Moroccan decor of the club is gorgeous - and if enough people badger the DJ to play decent stuff he will. And perhaps a modest music journalist can persuade him that goth is alive and well....I will try. The night was open from 9.30pm to 2am last Tuesday. Watch out for the "Marilyn Munchkins" though.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2002-01-19
Drinks have gone up in price so be warned! Went there a couple of weeks after Christmas and they charged me 1.50 for vodka and coke. They charged jadite 2.80 for a *tiny* bottle of cider! Anyone up for a protest?! Or do you think they'll close the rock nite down all together????

Submitted by:Vermillion / 2002-07-15
Well, after The Ponana management treated Moonlight so badly and refused to pay her her DJing fees, I and a number of other goths / metallers / pinks / geeks left Ponana in disgust never to return again. I told Mark the manager, who was an arrogant, lying,contract-breaking bastard "We're gonna shut you down". AND WE HAVE! The rock night is no more, and where do you think there punters go to now? NIGHTHOUSE! Hurrah!

Submitted by:oi_u_lookin_at_my_arse / 2002-07-25
congratulations on your little conquest, it appears i will never find out what a salisbury ponana night would entail, sniff sniff...

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2003-05-23
Po Na Na has now closed down. There was no alt. night there anymore but we were trying. . .

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2003-11-21
Ponana is now Tremor nightclub. I've spoken to them about doing an alt. night there and it hopefully it'll happen some time in the not to distant future. Will post as and when something happens.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2004-01-27
Alt. night starts Jan 29th. They'll be playing metal, rock, goth, industrial, punk and everything inbetween. 3 quid entry and 2 quid on selected drinks. 10/10:30pm (website says 10pm, posters say 10:30pm!) till 2am. Going to be fun so come along, leave your seriousness at the door and have fun! Salisbury's first proper alt.night in a long time!

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2004-01-31
They're talking about doing it monthly. Goodness knows what's going to happen yet but I'll post info as and when I get it.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2004-02-03
Apparently it's going monthly. The next one is Feb 26th.

Submitted by:Dark-Marcus / 2004-03-12
GALGOTHA @ TREMOR is now a last thursday of the month thingy. A very good all rounder for all alternative types. Friendly DJ and cheap drinks. YOU MUST ATTEND. Ideal post poetry fun. ( see POETRY CAFE)

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2005-03-02
Tremor shut down last year. It's been standing empty for a while now. I swear that building's cursed.

Submitted by:Moonlight / 2006-05-11
Is this building still standing empty? It was when I last visited and I heard a while back that it was still empty. Maybe we should club the money together and buy it? :)

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