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Club nameThe Zone
LocationWest Glamorgan
Street Address/DirectionsHigh Street Opposite the train station
DescriptionWhat can I say!! The Zone it has changed management so not sure what music is being played. Otherwise it remains the same dark dingy and altogether amusing. Thursdays is the night for metal and lots of nu-metalers of various ages go. Its a good venue besides the dodgy toilets. Sat and Friday are more mainstream.
Opening Hours10.00 till 2.30 am
Submitted byGwilym
Submitted on:2000-09-15
User comments
Submitted by:rralex / 2000-11-12
opening hours: Thurs: 10pm til 2.30am Fri: 8.30pm til 2.30am Sat: 8.30pm til 2.30am *These hours change as and when - sometimes closes early on fridays cos escape is on. music policy: thursdays and saturdays are metal/nu-metal, nu-punk, nu-goth, fridays almost all metal/nu-metal. I went friday and saturday this weekend, friday was okish, saturday totally whipped the llama's ass. Streetmap URL:

Submitted by:rralex / 2001-03-29
alas, alack, the zone's fallen on its back. only open for us nebs on thursdays now, although there's less mini-metallers there now. dance club on fri/sat.

Submitted by:gremlin06660 / 2001-11-26
alas,veen more as the the zone not only on its back now, its 6 feet under, same as the beat box,it is now called "The dance station" which up until recently did do thursday's as metal,but they have stopped it

Submitted by: / 2002-09-12
OK. its gone ....end of .....dead......lost forever,bye

Submitted by:velouria / 2003-07-22
Shame, really! I've got some good memories of many a silly, drunken evening here from my student days!

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