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Club nameW-Haven Civic Hall
Club webpageW-Haven Civic Hall
Street Address/DirectionsLowther Street,Whitehaven
(Next To Library)
DescriptionFirst Weekend Of Each Month Local Band Rocknights.Also Metal DJ's,With Superb Local Bands Playing Full Sets.
Opening Hours8pm-1am
Phone Number01946 852821
Submitted byVolcane
Submitted on:2001-10-10
User comments
Submitted by:Dirty Sanchez / 2002-01-10
The first few rocknights were pretty poop but the Maiden tribute band were awesome so was Lightyear but the biggest one is Rollins band comin soon it'll be excellent coz hes a legend. Too many little kids go there though so a lot of nu-metal is played from the dj's but u can get some good stuff played especially if Phil and that are the DJs

Submitted by: / 2002-02-03
The Maiden tribute band may have been awesome but Therapy? f***ing rocked, and that was back in Nov2k. The civic needs our support at the moment cos there are rumours floating about that it may lose its licence due to "noise" levels and certain members of the community complaining. on the plus side, prices are reassssonable, as is the beer :D

Submitted by:the_pink_panther / 2002-07-29
the civic are starting to gt better bands in all the time now, the rock nights are cool coz they r usually full of ppl but there are loadsa mini moshers there now....all looking skinny...grrr! hehe!

Submitted by:archbishop_of_mullet / 2002-08-02
Yeah, it's reasonable to get in and the beer's cheap but can we please have a bit more varied music! Admittedly they do play the odd 'proper' metal song but it's mainly just punk & nu-metal!

Submitted by: / 2002-08-10
the best way to get something played is to either ask phil before the rocknite (obv only if he's djing). even if he doesnt have the cd he'll download it in time for it. Otherwise, just bring along a cd and go up to the dj straight away and ask for it to be played. even if it's not *popular*, so long as a few peeps get up it should be ok.

Submitted by:=bOneR= / 2002-12-21
prices are way too high for this place, you end up paying between 5 and 8 to see bands you never heard of, so when you get in no-ones there because its too expensive. The place has potential, i used to have a great time in here before the prices went up. If the price goes down i would go there a lot more

Submitted by:mysteryfemale / 2003-06-27
it can be quite expensive for entry, but the crack is generally good. i used to go quite regularly but more recently prices have put me off going also the bar is pretty strict on id so make sure u have yours with u if u want to get served. if you go to the copeland website and fill in their survey, u are entered in a prizedraw to win a pass for a year to get into any gig in there for free.

Submitted by:syke / 2003-07-08
Civic has had some great gigs on, i especially enjoyed inme, i thought they were great. WEll done to the civic. Bar is a bit too strict for me though, i dont like carrying id everywhere, especially when i have no place to put it!

Submitted by:spectatorofsuicide / 2003-07-15
went here for the 1st time the other day to see longview. atmosphere was really good even though not that busy. dont think ill go to the rock nights though as it looked like a kids club...

Submitted by:potheadpixie / 2003-07-26
not only are the prices ridiculous, the bouncers appear to think theyre guarding buckingham feckin palace! I had to stand there for like 15 minutes while they searched the entire contents of my bag and me and even inside my shoes! its mental!

Submitted by:syke / 2003-09-24
the prices are really going up here, which ios bad but whitmore is coming back which is cool! I heard less than jake are coming in the future too.!! Its a good nnight out there so go!!

Submitted by:terrydactill27 / 2004-01-08
I really love this place, but lately there has not been so many good bands on. There is also a lot of people i know who really want to see more metal bands. Apart from that very good.

Submitted by:CemetaryGates / 2004-02-08
The best gigs at the civic are usually the live bands (not the regular club nights) when they have decent bands playing like Whitmore and the Wildhearts. There are roumors going around that Lostprophets might be playing there sometime soon as well. Anyway, if maxwell's on the bar he isn't as strict with ID providing you don't look like you're about 12. The DJs are pretty cool, usually play stuff if you ask them

Submitted by:lord_noize / 2005-06-29
has a lot of metal, indie and punk gigs. ticket prices are reasonable though they have a habit of charging more than the advertised price! it is also annoying that the bar is seperate and that you cant enjoy a beer and the bands at the same time!

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