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Club nameThe Angel
Street Address/DirectionsGreat Darkgate Street
DescriptionAber Roc Soc do a night here on Tuesdays. 50p for members quid for non-members.
Unless it has changed radically it plays hardly any goth... but if you like metal you are going to like it. Fairly decent dance floor and a friendly group of people mostly students but with a few teenage locals. On no account go here on any other night than tuesday, esp on weekend, as it turns very townie.
Opening Hours9.00-1.00 am
Submitted byGwilym
Submitted on:2000-09-15
User comments
Submitted by:Avaritia / 2000-11-29
I used to love the Angel when I was at uni in Aber. Don't know whether much goth gets played these days. oh for the good old days when I used to get my mitts behind the decks. Still must go back for a visit soon methinks.

Submitted by: / 2001-04-26
Haven't been there for yonks, but The Angel is good as if you have had too much to drink, you can go and play in the childrens playpark and castle ruins which are right nest to it! BTW, I remember Avarita playing her stuff on the decks, in between other doing their awful dodgy rock stuff! Only down side about RocSoc at The Angel is that it can be more about what you are wearing than anything else!

Submitted by:progressive_jym / 2001-10-13
The RocSoc is most definitely in the Angel still, every tuesday night from 8.00pm until 1am. Dress style is no longer the case though.

Submitted by:sangwin / 2001-11-26
This is not a club, its a pub. And it's not exactly the best in aber either. You should try the Academy which is just over the road. It's not gothic at all, but I don't notice that much when I'm drunk ! It's in an old chapel so it's a bit goth-ish

Submitted by:divineangel / 2002-08-09
Ah, the Angel. The best night in aber for music, not much nu metal, mostly rock golden oldies. I was very impressed with one DJ once who played a goth set early in the night - that was much appreciated :-)

Submitted by:malakian_angel / 2002-12-09
Rocsoc all depends on who's DJ'ing - sometimes you get a lot of old stuff, sometimes you get the newer stuff. It's really cool though, everyone there is really friendly. It all makes for a great night out - damn, I miss rocsoc when I'm in Stoke!

Submitted by:sithadmin / 2003-03-20
Angel can be very good, depends who is DJ'ing as to music, i play goth set when i can, mostly rock. Some SKA too now sadly.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2003-10-01
I went to it last night and I have to amit that I was plesently surprised... most of the music was sh*t, but they had a decent hour of classics [gotta love them for playing Queen]... I still want to see some non-mainstream contempory metal tho.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2003-10-21
Time for a shameless plug... on the 28th of Oct there's a Halloween fancy dress do, with a theme of bad guys. And I'm DJing 9-10, so get there early!!!

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2003-10-24
Another shameless plug!!! Since RocSoc is f***ing awful [they played the Spice Girls several times last Tuesday], me and a couple of mates have got Monday night at the Angel every week for 'MetalSoc' [original, ain't it?]. It's free entry every week, doors are from 9-1, and we actually play stuff that Radio 1 hasn't played to death. Us Dj's are set strict guidelines as to what we can play and what will get us killed. Also if you're a student, bring you're Bocs card and 3, and become a member. This will [eventually] get you a free sampler CD, poster, and [if all thing come together] free booze at some point. Entry is still free tho, irrespective of whether you're a member or not. So come down on a Mondays, and find out what real alternative music is!

Submitted by:nikray / 2003-11-07
I've only been to the angel on a tuesday. Don't be put off by all the pikeys at the beginning, just go through to the next room. The music wasn't very goth, but there were quite a few goths dancing and didn't seem to care.

Submitted by:curiosity / 2003-12-03
te'he roc soc never changed then. i remember little more than a year ago dj'ing here was fun but never goth mybe a little cyber at time but never goth! does dom still go out to play much i wonder or does jen still frequent the place on ocaasion?

Submitted by:DarkFox / 2003-12-24
Any chance someone could submit directions to get there? I sometimes go to my second home over there, but I've been lacking any decent contact with the goth scene, and I'd appreciatte a night out once in a while when I'm over... Thanks.

Submitted by:crazy evil dude / 2004-01-12
To get to the Angel, go to the main highstreet where all the banks are etc then to to the end that's on top of the hill, the bit with the monument on the corner next to Yoko's. You should see the Academy from here, and the Angel is across the road. Most of the stuff is in the back room. Here's a streetmap URL:,281750&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf Fraid you'll have to cut and paste... I dunno why more people don't stick these in [altho to be honest I didn't always]

Submitted by:Satans_Spawn / 2005-06-05
the angel is still about and tuesday is defo the best night, and probably only night to go to!... it's still good! except one time when a chav in disguise played a set and played stuff like busted.. and britney spears!

Submitted by:S2K / 2009-01-19
Ah the Angel, Mediocre Tunes, Sticky Floors, Horrible Toilets, Cheap Drinks and Dark Corners - Easily my fave pub in Aberystwyth. Conveniently close to the castle and several takeaways, and home to the university's Rock Soc, Punk Soc nights on tuesdays and wednesdays.

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