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Club nameThe Roadmender
Club webpageThe Roadmender
Street Address/DirectionsLadys Lane.
DescriptionNice place for alternative and indie music. I am wondering why it isn't up here, maybe it is because in recent times, it has been full of 12 year olds, but choose the right gigs, and the atmos is generally good.
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Submitted on:2001-10-07
User comments
Submitted by:Unicron / 2001-12-11
You mean this place is still open? I thought it was knocked down! I grew up in this area, and the Roadmender was the ONLY place to go. Quite a few good bands played there, and everyone alternative turned up. It always had a great atmosphere. Glad to hear it's still going, I'll have to stop by when I visit!

Submitted by: / 2002-02-04
I thought this place was replaced with an art gallery a few years back???? It was the only place for anyone alternative to hang out when I was at school (Sponne in Towcester - eeeugh). I shall have to stop by too (maybe with u Unicron if your ever going!)

Submitted by:dannn / 2002-02-22
It was Re-Opened ages ago now :) .. pretty shiny inside, and still has a good atmosphere.

Submitted by:User24 / 2003-01-21
You simply have to go to high density! Live piercing demonstrations (last time I went they hung someone up on chains by their back piercings!) Very cool music ranging from elektronica to slayer, etc, shame about the tiny 80's room, though. Also lots of corridors for bouncers to push you out of. Really great atmosphere, and discounted entry with flyers Only downside is the price of drinks / lack of promo's (unless I'm just being blind?) but it's certainly a night to get dressed ( or should that be tied?) up for.

Submitted by:Maschine / 2003-10-31
The chairs in the bar are really light - great for chair jousting!

Submitted by:babygoesblue / 2003-11-06
sadly high density is no more but for those of you who are interested bonzi and i have a new night (ascension@theblacksheep)details are available on the northants map ps sadly timmud is no longer with us as he cant be arsed.

Submitted by:extremedd / 2004-09-10
The problem with this place is they over charge fo tickets and at nearly all the gigs you get 14 year old kids screaming and treating the moshpit like a social area!

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