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Club nameEQ
Club webpageEQ
Street Address/Directions1 Granada Road, Southsea, Portsmouth.

Right on the roundabout. Big VU meters in the windows, you can't miss them.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionSubversion every friday is DJed by Pete Scathe and is a metal/punk night. Theres a mosh pit with stage and mirror, a bar and some seating and the DJ Booth. Entry is 3 with a flyer before 11.30pm, otherwise 4. Get flyers from pete (see his listing on here) or from hanging around outside Uropa (see listing) at about 2am where they give them out.
Opening HoursFriday, 2200-0200
Submitted byhazchem
Submitted on:2001-09-27
User comments
Submitted by:pete scathe / 2002-02-15
Er, I don't think this should be on here... I didn't add it myself because I don't play anything remotely goth there and I wouldn't play it if asked. Of my "ordinary" nights, only Connection would count as being goth-friendly, since I play cyber stuff early in the night. And I don't think even that's really worth mentioning.

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2002-03-12
I should point out that this is _not_ a goth night in any shape or form, I don't play anything remotely goth and goths don't usually go there. So what this is doing on here I'm not entirely sure...

Submitted by:Darktone / 2003-07-06
To be fair, quite a few 'goth' types do attend. Can you be Goth and listen to metal and punk music? I think so. Anyway, I'm sure I've heard Type O'Negative and Lacuna Coil being played there ;-)

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2004-03-10
What I was worried about was goths going there assuming it was a goth night, when it isn't. I do play Type O and Lacuna Coil occasionally, but I don't consider them goth... goth-tinged metal, maybe. Of course, when we have subGoth there that's another matter entirely...

Submitted by:last_fallen / 2004-06-15
Hay pete i'm considered 'goth' but hay wots the point in labels any who it's good advertisment being on here and i like to go to sub every week it's a good atmosphere and the people are oftern easy to get along with.

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2004-12-22
I should add that EQ has now changed its name to The Lounge but Subversion is still there every week, with lighter stuff upstairs and metal and heavier stuff downstairs. Still not much in the way of goth, though I might play the Cure upstairs and some industrial stuff gets played downstairs.

Submitted by:Wight / 2005-04-26
Was down Subversion for the first time on the 22nd, is a good night out. The upstairs didn't seem too interesting to me, though I wasn't up there much, but the downstairs was fun enough. Really just a Metal scene downstairs thuogh, and I shalln't reccomend expecting much out, but anyone who appreciates Metal music should appreciate the floor. People seem generally nice and friendly as well, didn't see much sign of upset anywhere, possibly just oblivious though. Drinks are more than quite expensive though. In any case, got to the end of the night and had that feeling of disapointment as one gets when one get's to the end of the night and not quite ready to go home yet, so that can't be too bad :o)

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