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Club nameUropa
Street Address/DirectionsDown from commercial road. Next to "Bar Me". See the Streetmap URL for a handy arrow that points to Club Uropa!
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionUropa is more of a commercial dance club, but on Monday night they host "Delight", which is an alternative/indie/punk/etc night which is very popular and usually healthily packed, which lots of regulars who you recognise on return visits. The DJs tend to play music in their own theme bits, so it mught start with indie and drift into punk
and then a tiny amount of dancey stuff. Some goths in attendance, but it is more of a skatery/alt/college/uni type place. The venue however is excellent, with four floors + a balcony. A lower bar, a loungey bit, the dance floor and the upper bar which has the balconies above it. Entrance is 1 with NUS/Student card or 2 without.
Opening HoursMondays, 2200-0200
Submitted byhazchem
Submitted on:2001-09-27
User comments
Submitted by:Daisaku / 2001-09-28
Beware! this club is quite full of young people. The bouncers only ID you if the manager is watching them. It's true that there aren't many goths there and the crowd is mostly rock/nu metaller types. Although i have seen pete scathe there once or twice!

Submitted by:pete scathe / 2002-02-15
Good god. Uropa?! You have got to be joking! I can't think of anything less like a goth club... this really doesn't belong on the net goth map. I haven't been in there for well over a year.

Submitted by:neoquet / 2002-08-02
Defiantly one to be avoided unless you can tolerate lots of chart metal and pop punk, nothing even remotely "gothic" here.

Submitted by:Myke_Minstar / 2002-10-06
Whoa!!! Goth? No way...when it first started a group of us went every week...until we got scared off by the trendies that insist on going just to cause trouble, not to mention the cack music! It's also been taken over by Route 66 now!!! some Night of Pan events happen there and they are always fantastic!! Best off staying in on Mondays though and watching...the walls or sommat.

Submitted by:marc_the_vampire / 2002-11-29
This place is now Route 66, Uropa is long gone.

Submitted by:ruination / 2003-10-30
Though now Route 66, monday still caters for the same scene as it used to. havnt seen any trendies trying to ruin it recently though. True not really for the goths, but OKish with some friends

Submitted by:NiteEyez / 2006-06-28
I thought i'd take the plunge and venture into 'townie' central for some monday night fun,. Truth be told when i got down Guildhall walk it was dead, apart from the line outside Route. It was better than i expected, and a pleasant place to be. the drinks werent expensive either. I awoke the next morning for work feeling considerably worse the ware, always the bench mark for a good night. Reccomended although to be honest, not if you ahve work the next day

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