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Club nameRed Rose Theatre
Club webpageRed Rose Theatre
Street Address/DirectionsWell, its in Rugeley, which is in between Lichefield and Stafford.
Once you get into Rugeley, its well sign posted.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionIf you wanna hear the local talent aswell as national upcoming bands, this is the place to be. Bandz such as Rachel Stamp, Lost Prophets, Defenestration and Kill 2 This have played here.
The Rose is also constantly looking for new talent, so if u want a gig, go to the Rose website. Only problem is, alcohol is no longer served & there is usually numerous trendies.
Opening HoursEvery Friday 7.45pm-11.45pm
Submitted bygothic_vampiress
Submitted on:2001-08-30
User comments
Submitted by:oertschi / 2001-09-26
never been ther yet. but lookin forward.

Submitted by:gothic_vampiress / 2001-10-06
Apparently, the Rose is closing down, this may be a publicity stunt, who knows?!

Submitted by:gothic_vampiress / 2001-10-06
It actually says on the Rose homepage, the place is shut @ the moment but should be re-opening soon.

Submitted by:dINGWALL / 2001-10-14
Unfortunately, it's usually full of 14 year old teeny-metallers, which is why alcohol is no longer served :/ Nevertheless, some good bands have played there :)

Submitted by:necrodeath / 2002-03-30
i've been there twice, the smell of alcohol outside the door is very think as all everyone gets drunk before going in. the red bull type drinks tastes horrible but after about 3 cans you don't care. it is a bit of a teen orgy but it's not to bad. it should be re opening soon but i think it's tacking longerbecause they are building a skatepark. yay them.

Submitted by:gilesj / 2002-07-22
Quite a good stage, it's worth playing there if you can. It stopped serving alcohol a year or two ago due to the "all ages" door policy, so get tanked up before you go. It's full of kids but it's fun scaring them if you're an oldy mouldy :)

Submitted by:gothic_vampiress / 2002-10-03
i recently revistied the new rugeley rose & it suked big hairy monkey ass, however, from fri 4th october under 14's are prohibited ANNDD the bar is being reopened, so perhaps the club will eventually rise 2 its former reputation.

Submitted by:jon_zero / 2003-01-05
I'm sure there is a bar now, but I may be wrong. The crowd is VERY young, and more interested in snogging than the music, but it's a start. Flesh Eating Foundation have played there twice too.

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2003-03-03
Great for gigs but tends to be full of little kiddies, first impressions are it's more of a place for skaters/metallers than a goth venue.

Submitted by:daemon_kat / 2003-07-18
Ooo!I remember the good ol' days at the Rose! Loads of people sitting outside drinking, loads of people inside drinking ! Oh, the sweet memories!*sob*. But nowdays its somewhere my sister would go, i.e full of small "goth is now in fashion" kids who wriggle on the floor with the nearest thing with a pulse! oh, and its expensive to get in (so u hear)

Submitted by:gothik_amie / 2003-08-24
daemon_kat I totally agree with you. The Rose used to be so much fun. I'd never be seen dead in there now. And to think I was one of the ones who petitioned to newspapers to get it reopened. I went a couple of months back just to see. Total disappointment but at least bands still occasionally get the oppertunity to play there but the foyer music is utter crap.

Submitted by:BlackRose03 / 2003-09-27
I totally agree with the last 2comments. i wanted the rose reopened as i went there wi my ex n it was excellent but then it got invaded by loads of miniature annoying little squirts n the bar shut so no-one older than 15 actually went nemore. Compared to what it was,its shit now. Im never gona b seen dead in there again n its a shame

Submitted by:FaerieQueen / 2003-10-24
I used to abolutely love the Rose... went there every week... smuggled in cider and fell in a drunken heap in the corner *sigh* back in the day... I think perhaps the reason I think it's shit there now is probably because I've grown out of the whole "get drunk and attach myself to the face of as many guys as possible" mentality which is all the Rose is really good for. Also the music is total poo now.

Submitted by:gothmother / 2004-11-11
Thesedays on the two occasions I have been dragged there, the Rose is full of small/very young people (at knee height!) and plays a lot of ska punk, not as good as the old days...

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