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Club nameVoid
LocationHereford and Worcester
Club webpageVoid
Street Address/DirectionsFrom the train station
Worcester Forgate Street is the nearest station. Exit the station and turn left and carry on until you reach McDonalds. Turn right at McDonalds and carry on until you see a small passage-way situated on the left. Walk down the passage-way, the restuarant 'Ask' should be on your left. Carry on until you reach some menacing looking security guards standing infront of some stairs. Go up the stairs and you are there!!!
Right, I don't drive, so I can't help you there!

Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionNice anuff place soon going to cost 3:50 entrance fee but the web site has all the information on it who's playing were and when and all the rest of it
Opening Hoursdoor's 8pm, till about 10:30-11 ish
Submitted byDrFrozen
Submitted on:2001-08-13
User comments
Submitted by:jasonmcfluff / 2002-03-19
Void is ok if you dont mind sharing a hot room with a load of 14yr olds who shouldnt be in there anyways! If you dont like punk/hardcore dont go, and if get clostrophobic dont go either! But 4ft fingers are playing soon, should be a sell out so get there early to get in!!

Submitted by:Bride Of The Dark Kiss / 2002-04-03
The void is a cool place. May get the odd snide comment from the trendie skaters who throw them selves around the room, but other than that lotsa sweat and noise!!!

Submitted by: / 2003-04-13
argh so many fit boys and grrls with long hair and eyeliner :-D i went 2c assassinate april last nite, who were good. there were this really odd austrian band who were saying things like "hmm moshpit. please be care-ful, i hop you do not get hurt". which was nice.

Submitted by: / 2003-04-21
i like it here, they are lots and lots of davey havoc look-alikes :-D o yeah and its now held in worcs youth centre thing...over this bridge that has loads of tramps underneath. so it is all ages, and there's loads of tiny 10 year old skaters. theyre cyooot, i want to adopt one.

Submitted by:apache_rose_peacock / 2003-06-03
its changed now! At the youth centre wich sux like hell and now its all ages so u get 4 yr olds goin round in linkin bloody park hoodies! :(

Submitted by:SarcasticEgo / 2003-06-10
It used to be a fairly decentish place (say a year or so ago..) but now its just good for stoners and year 8's running repeatedly doing "\m/" ahwell.. gets you out the house lol

Submitted by:jessi / 2003-07-24
void was gud i think - even tho there were all the lil kids but they moved it in2 the upstairs room the other nite & its way 2 light now but my deaf audio were still amazin!

Submitted by: / 2003-07-27
yeah i know what you mean bout it being 2 light...its strange. but the bigger room is better. cept last nite puffin were playing, and they play ska *shudders*

Submitted by:jessi / 2003-08-13
lol puffin suk. aura sun & new mains were betta. i agree with u on the bigger room bein better even tho it still gets as hot as hell

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