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Club nameBleach
LocationSouth Yorkshire
Street Address/DirectionsBar One Sheffield University.
DescriptionBleach is one of the most popular alternative nights I have been too outside of Corporation and Dissolution. One room plays indie, the other a selection of Goth, Industrial and Nu- metal.
Opening Hours10 - 2 every thursday
Submitted byOrca
Submitted on:2001-08-05
User comments
Submitted by:Narcisse / 2001-10-11
goth??? I'm down there most weeks, and I don't think I've heard them play any goth for about 6 months, and that was only when about 20 people badgered the DJ. To be honest, its pretty much a mix of nu-metal and commercial punk. There is some variety, in the form of popular alt-rock/grunge/industrial, but this is fairly minimal.

Submitted by:Hiro / 2001-12-16
Goth? Nah. They'll play a few decent (popular) tunes, but they tend just not to have the CDs there to play. They tend to More Human Than Human/Dragula at some point of the night, then maybe if you're lucky a NIN track. I don't mind some Nu-metal, but a lot of it is skate or punk, and I really can't hack it. Maybe worth it for the half our of harder less known stuff (one of the DJs seems to like Tool, a good thing)

Submitted by:clockwise / 2002-03-27
i shunned bleach for a while as it was painful, but tried it out again recently. there are several things against it, firstly don't go there expecting the goth or industrial that they advertise and secondly wothingtons has gone up to 1.20 a pint... but that's still reasonable. on the plus side, there doesn't seem to be as much ska/punk stuff played and there was a fun hour or so of 80's rock and metal. so, don't go for the music, but instead for a nice venue, good, friendly atmosphere and a cheap night out.

Submitted by:mrselfdestruct / 2003-03-04
Unless you drink snakebite or JD, it's a pretty expensive place to get pissed... it's probably the most expensive night at the union, for drinks

Submitted by:curiosity / 2003-10-09
This place has been hell to get into over the last few weeks with the uni starting bcak up and a million freshers flooding in has sold out so get tickets early (day before or sooner) for the next few weeks just in case

Submitted by:curiosity / 2003-10-10
well last night turned out to be fun a group of mates and i desended on bleach but despite the proliferation of goth orientated people the best we could get them to play was ramstein and nin and that was the end of the interesting music as far i was bothered. the rest of the evening was metal and cockrock

Submitted by:ukgothlist / 2008-09-03
September 08 - Bleach is no more is now advertised as Fuzz Club - eclectic, electric, indie-pop disco Guest DJ - God of the Scene- Mr Steve Lamacq along with resident DJ Badabing. Could say that this is one night that needs to be deleted from the netgoth listing as would appear to be Indie based now and more commericial electronica

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