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Club nameColosseum
LocationWest Midlands
Club webpageColosseum
Street Address/DirectionsColosseum Nightclub
Primrose Hill Street
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionEntry: 2 with flyer before 10:30pm, 3 after.
Wednesday nights mostly have bands playing.
Thursday nights are student nights. Music is mostly mainstream.
Warning: Saturday nights are NOT goth friendly.
Opening Hours10pm - 2am
Phone Number02476 554473
Submitted by-sweet_cyanide-
Submitted on:2001-08-04
User comments
Submitted by:isolatedwithin / 2001-10-08
Wednesday nights are being taken over by two new DJs, the music should be getting better as of now! And thursday nights it's (if i remember correctly) only 80p for a double vodca. admittedly it isnt nice stuff but at that price who cares??

Submitted by: / 2001-10-19
Monday nights offer what i think is the cheapest night out of all time. Free entry with NUS [3 without] and 50p a drink ALL night. The only down note is the music isn't great (even by the colosseums low, low standards). Still, after 20 bottles of VK, you don't really notice the music ;)

Submitted by:mirandastar / 2001-11-29
When I went they had 1 bottles of fake Bacardi-Breezer type drinks. Don't remember much of the evening after that!

Submitted by:DarkGrey / 2002-11-10
The music mostly ranges from bad to hideous, but every now and then they play some half-decent pieces. Very nice atmosphere, and very very cheap drinks make the music much more bearable, and it can be a decent night from time to time.

Submitted by:miss_mandi / 2003-09-02
probably not a great idea to go on a friday night. virtually all under age and sooooooooo not clean!

Submitted by:KayB / 2003-11-11
The Colly is not the place to go if your looking for somewhere to lean against a nice white wall and have a quiet chat. Its loud, Its full, and by the end of the night (fair enuf miss-mandi, youre quite rite) its not that clean! But, if its a great, energetic vibe your after, GO HERE!! low low prices, some good music, and GREAT people. Thursday nights the best night to go. I havnt been for a while, but ill be there next week and im hoping for a great night out!

Submitted by:KayB / 2003-11-27
Oh god...I hate to retract...but it was RUBBISH! Theyve changed the drinks, all the people are students hu hav neva bn b4, and they played a maximum of 7 gud songs all let down! :(

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