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Club nameSecrets
Street Address/Directionsnext to rm1 past woolies
DescriptionIts starting up again :) Not a bad place and its fairly cheap. Dj Big Rob plays a good goth industrial set.
Opening HoursWednesday 9pm - 2pm
Submitted byDark Fairy
Submitted on:2001-07-25
User comments
Submitted by:lesombra / 2001-08-02
secrets does seem to be going in the right direction (they played the sisters hpow good is that!) however after a thundering first night can they maintain the pace? we shal see

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2001-08-07
Comas back, better then ever, lots of bleepy tunes, more trad on the way. Goths have finally got a place to play in good old Romford town.

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2001-08-09
After a great opening night, Secrets was looking good but fell short on its second night playing mostly commercial metal (limp bizkit etc). Opinions are being formed, and currently thay're 50/50.

Submitted by:Mr Whippy / 2001-09-03
ok its picked up again, and i think it caters for all, but a tad more trad-goth would be sweet, as we tend to get a mainly bleepy goth set (which is nice but i likes my trad ok) its vastly better then Freak at V&E. and you can get a pint when ever you need one!

Submitted by:Violent T-bag / 2001-11-13
Its ok in there and i mean where else is there on a wednesday thats nice and local plus cheap entry and cheap beer and if u know the right people like me they wont charge for a shot of blackcurrent in your beer lol plus its always good to watch robin dance hahah lol lol

Submitted by:Alexandra / 2001-12-06
Well.. i dont go that much anymore..but its ok there.. its better than vivid as it really plays music to suit everyone..which is kind of them..however it would be better if they did not play the same songs every week..especially the whole goth/industrial set type thingy..same bloody songs.. arghrhhhhhh..better than vivid and elite anyway... :-)

Submitted by:lesombra / 2001-12-20
"Officially" Big rob says its just lack of intrest lesss goths=less goth music and vice versa but at the mo there are less goths so things are not too good is this shameless publicity hungering or a problem and most of all "can you think of anything better to do?"

Submitted by:gothtec / 2002-07-03
I does help if the club is actualy open on the nights they mention. The club as far as I know doesn't open on Wednesdays...Mondays, but not check before going.

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