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Club nameGossips
Club webpageGossips
Street Address/Directions69 Dean Street,
London W1
Entrance in Meard Street.
Closest tubes Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square.
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionHosts Malice Underground, Club Noir, Electric Dreams
Opening Hours21:00 - 03:00 or so, depending on night.
Submitted bySheridan
Submitted on:2001-07-12
User comments
Submitted by:fross / 2001-12-12
Gossips has a (bare) webpage with essential info on nights and events at

Submitted by:madamstan / 2001-12-29
Be warned though - anyone *too* alternative will get thrown out! (I've seen it happen twice on different club nights)

Submitted by:Twiggy / 2002-01-01
Went to Malice underground a few months back, was impressed apart from the fact some townie bird tried to snog my bf!

Submitted by:Dave (Exile) / 2002-02-20
Just to clarify, madamstan's comment above doesn't refer to Malice or Tenebrae (I checked!). Also, please note that the Gossips website is *way* out of date - for Tenebrae see .

Submitted by:opeth / 2002-12-08
every time i've been i've had fun. saturdays night they have a lot of glam wich is always good in my eyes and seems to have a good crowd the only other day i've been has been a wednesday and it was pretty empty and playing a hell of a lot of nu-metal

Submitted by:Part_Time_Goth / 2003-02-20
I've just checked Gossips' web site and it's upto date again (last updated Jan 2003 - so it claims)

Submitted by:reagan / 2004-11-22
They've changed the name, painted the walls white, reburshed the bar in shiney stainless steel, changed the lighting to those horrible rainbowish spot downlights around the edges of the room. All the goth/alternative nights have been kicked out, and the plans are to run R&B clubs and speed-dating nights. RIP Gossips.

Submitted by:khlari / 2004-12-02
Sniff...was always tiny and rubbish, too hot and too cold, and I got my leather jacket nicked there c1985, but I had some excellent fun there too.....RIP Gossips.....

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