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Club nameElectric Ballroom
Club webpageElectric Ballroom
Street Address/Directions184 Camden high Street, Camden Town, London NW1 8QP
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionExcellent club/venue for all things rock. Hosts the popular Full Tilt Alternative night.
Opening Hours10.30 pm-3am
Submitted byRalziel
Submitted on:2001-06-18
User comments
Submitted by:Violent T-bag / 2001-11-13
I went for the first time about a month ago and throughly enjoyed it and its huge dance floor and free computer games met loads of different ppl even got a discount on some contacts from a guy who works at cyber goth yay!! neway electic ballroon two thumbs up!!

Submitted by:vampyr_light / 2001-12-08
Has an official website

Submitted by:filthyrikky / 2002-07-24
Seems to have veered more indsutrial / gothic than a few years back when it was more of a rock metal night...and has got quieter as a result. Still seems to be the poor cousin to Slimelight and lacks the atmosphere of the Belle days.

Submitted by: / 2002-08-02
Love this place it's my fav club on a friday night, drinks are slightly expencive but it's worth it for a great night out.

Submitted by:ElectricBlue / 2002-12-07
Visit and sign the petition to stop London Underground knocking this excellent club/venue down and building offices :( This is my favourite place to be on a Friday night, and the drinks are reasonable too- what more could anyone ask for?!

Submitted by:onethirtyeight / 2003-06-06
Well top night out, this. Wasn't too impressed with the drinks prices, but, hey, it's London. Very cool *hyowge* main room. Even cooler ikkle sweaty room upstairs. But then, the crowning glory of the place. A CHILL OUT ROOM THAT PLAYS AT THE GATES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by:Thorn_In_My_Eye / 2004-04-24

Submitted by:Octobers_Raven / 2004-06-24
You probably all know by now, that Fulltilt is no more on a Friday, finished, over, the end. It has been replaced with 'Sin City' and the music policy has changed. They no longer play Goth/EBM/Darkwave its now Metal/rock/punk/ska/emo/Nu-metal which is ok, if you like that sort of thing. I dont. I have been badgering the DJ's to play some more goth/EBM/Darkwave, I think you should all do the same!!! No really contact them!!! Please, they think its just me that wants to hear this music! XxX

Submitted by:two_brains / 2004-07-01
Kinda crappy since they kicked the old schooll out of there. If you were a fan of Full tilt then check out Synthetic Culture at the Egg in Kings Cross.

Submitted by:BagJady / 2004-09-10
Worth noting is the new Inferno night that they have started doing (seems like itís going to be a regular thing). I went after the Andi Sexgang gig at the end of August and had an excellent time. It seems to be aimed at the members of the old Full Tilt crowd (which includes me) who have been a little disappointed with the more rock/metal Sin City. See the flyer for details:

Submitted by:TraditionalGoth / 2004-11-21
Went for the first time just after it became Sin City. Hmmm, music not great, but place itself not too bad. Am searching for a decent GOTH club in London. I may try this again sometime to give it another chance, but my search still goes on.

Submitted by:Baybee-Bat / 2005-02-05
I went to Sin City on a trip with Notts Trent Uni, and I must say, I really enjoyed it! Much more than expected. Its a lot better than Rock City!

Submitted by:S2K / 2009-01-19
Excellent club, seriously If I were to design a venue it would look like the ballroom. Its just a shame the bar prices are so high!

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