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Club nameMinistry
Street Address/Directionsgo out of the town centre and down the Cop, then over the english bridge, its on the road that goes left after the indian take away.
DescriptionEvery other friday theres a rock/goth night, an theres a similair thing every tuesday, but these tend to be a lot quieter. Not a big club, but it has a good atmosphere an it always tends to be fun. theres a pool table an gargoyles abound! :)
Opening Hours10 till 2
Submitted byJed
Submitted on:2001-06-09
User comments
Submitted by:The Blackorb / 2002-01-20
Arghhhh! Never go to this place on a is truly dreadful and I'm still taking the medication! Heaving with Barbies and Kens...its frightening!

Submitted by:Ceinwen / 2002-02-18
gods, my sister and her friend took me on a saturday....they dressed me up, thought it was funny. i dont think i'll ever be the same.....Fridays are cool though.

Submitted by:littlegothlost / 2003-02-21
Gets a damn site more goth/industrial played on a tuesday these days. So long as I'm there poking Morg with a stick anyway. Is getting increasingly quiet on tuesday nights now, and hence started shutting early.

Submitted by:sally / 2003-03-02
Yes, on tuesday nights, recently, the DJs are becoming more and more pokeable. Unfortunately, I seem to find myself sat in the DJ booth more and more with keith, having a chat, because there's not much else to do

Submitted by:sally / 2003-03-13
Wah! Morg played VNV nation, and my god, did that perk me up. Unfortunately, the crowd still didn't seem to "get" it. (Just cos you don't know a song, doesn't mean you shouldn't dance...) Oh well, when you've got the crowd, you've got a crap DJ, and when you've got a good DJ, you've got a crap crowd. Such is life. Tuesday nights need to be nurtured, I feel...

Submitted by:fearisthemindkiller / 2003-07-11
wwent there when i was working up telford wayon a tuesday. heard about it so thought id pop down, wish i hadnt botherd. glad to be back in leicester. i think if i lived there id have to travel to brum. then again i am biased... no slayer or pantera or syl makes tom a unhappy chappy.

Submitted by:richardsaxon / 2003-10-10
I can now say i have been. Not bad at all. A bit small, but sometimes thats good. Not bad drinks prices for a club. Taxi only cost 13 back to welly. Can pay more than that to go from 1 end of telf 2 the other!!!

Submitted by:shamtul / 2004-03-12
There has been a small price increase on drinks! sadly the bottles that used to be 1 are now 1.30 and pints have also have a 20-30p increase on the price, but even so its still cheap compaired to other clubs. The music has been gettin slightly better after its large decline, but not much is played in the way of EBM and Darkwave :( Lots of black metal and heavy stuff played at the start of the night then some of the clasics usualy get played followed by a totaly random mix.

Submitted by:Naberiux / 2004-03-13
yes the drink prices sucks a bit but ohh well. Music wise Mark always starts fantastic i do agree it goes off buy he has to cater for every one. But like this week gone i think we heard Decapitated, Apop, Mayhem, Arcane Church, The Kovenant and The Bezerker so that is very cool. Made me happy anyways.

Submitted by: / 2004-03-17
yer the drink prices :( i'll have to learn to cater with only 10 better! but when someone buys you drinks all night it's good ;) good musuc, good atmosphere :)

Submitted by:sally / 2004-03-27
In my opinion the ministry has completely died a death now. However, i still go because frankly, it's nowhere near as expensive as the Buttermarket. I don't like black metal and I don't like Dr Rock's complete and utter classic rock-inspired randomness, so i'm the one in the corner getting as many drinks down her neck as humanly possible :P It's the same thing every week now. It's just *dull*. And if Mark plays The Bezerker one more time as his "cool set-finishing track" i'll cry. I really will.

Submitted by:shamtul / 2004-08-28
In attempt to give the Ministry a drastic improvement, We have got a Goth Night back! Assimilate will begin on the 12th of October and will run every other week. Expect to hear lots of EBM, DarkWave, Industrial and a pinch of 80's thrown in for good measure. Drinks promos are to be expected :)

Submitted by:Gothic_wytch / 2004-11-23
Well last time i got over to the Ministry was last January, and I have to admit it had got rather stale, and Dr. Rock's classic Rock had become rather predictable.I see from the latest review ( submitted 2004-08-04) that has got a Goth Night back , hopefully this has proved to be successful. Will have to pop across and take a look!

Submitted by:sally / 2004-12-01
oh, gothic_wytch, please come! We're pulling in quite a crowd but we need EVERYONE to come to the next two dates (tues 7 dec and tues 21 dec) so that we're guarenteed to carry on into the new year! I'm going to be calling the boss tomorrow to see where we stand, but apparently we're making more money for the club than a tuesday night EVER has, so it's looking good :) And on the 21st, for our christmas special, Naberiux's new band, ESCH will be playing some live EBM for us, too :)

Submitted by:shamtul / 2006-01-19
As of 2 weeks ago the rock nights at the ministry have been cancelled due to the club being badly run and numbers dropping. However... Dr Rock (former Ministry DJ) has moved his set to the Castle Inn just 2 mins walk from the ministry. So every friday there will be a rock night.

Submitted by:shamtul / 2009-07-03
This much loved club is no longer open and hasnt been for past 2 years. It has now been amalgamated into the C21, Peachtree. Its now a champagne bar, a very over price champagne bar at that!

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