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Club nameThe Furnace
Street Address/DirectionsBottom of Commercial Road oppsite the big old ugly tented market (near town centre)
DescriptionNeat li'l rock club usually full of locals but has a very friendly atmosphere. Lots of good music played and the friendliest DJ on earth (Daz) is always open for requests. As its the only rock club we have in Swindon, we have to make do, so if you're ever in Swindon, check it out!

(Used to be called Level3)
Opening HoursFri & Sat 9:30 - 2am
Submitted byH8Red19_uk
Submitted on:2001-06-08
User comments
Submitted by:BlueByron / 2001-08-12
Gotta agree with everything said there. The music is a fairly standard mix of so-called 'alternative' music (punk, various forms of metal) with some garage and trance mixed in. The drinks are reasonably priced, and everyone seems to be very friendly. It can be a bit empty on some Fridays, but generally fills up after midnight.

Submitted by:djdust / 2001-09-10
darned right! Level 3 has also just been taken over by new management who are really gonna take the club new places!! I'm the resident DJ on friday nights (not saturdays any more) and have been doing it for over 3 years now... It's a great place - come and check it out sometime if you've never been - there's a new website for it too...

Submitted by:Cage / 2002-03-08
Been to level 3 twice now, both times reallly enjoyed it. Good atmosphere, only £4 entrance. Anyone interested in going let me know so I can tag along.

Submitted by:gazamataz / 2002-03-08
Very nice place, have to agree with the great atmosphere. The pub next door is good for meeting up beforehand, too.

Submitted by:H8Red19_uk / 2002-03-24
Well, its now called The Furnace (hmmmmm) and is looking more gothic than ever! Thumbs up to the refurbishers!!

Submitted by:H8Red19_uk / 2003-03-10
I know that Killing Miranda do visit this site often - so please, please consider playin at The Funace (Levs) as Kev says, The Mission are playin soon and you would be great support ;)

Submitted by:clarina / 2003-10-18
Really friendly place, my fave place to be on a friday and saturday. The brilliant DJ Dust is always up for requests too :) They also do an all ages night, usually on a thursday.

Submitted by:Rosie_strange / 2004-01-08
I go to level, sorry furnace, nearly every weekend, and as long as you get the requests in early they'll play good tunes...always go's a bit pear shaped after 12 though, when the ska kicks in!

Submitted by:well_chuffed / 2004-02-14
I've been to The Furnace for a live gig. Can't say I was overly impressed. It looks the part, but the atmosphere just wasn't there. I think the DJs could play better music than they list on the website too! ;) Still, it's really the only place nearby so I have to give it the thumbs up.

Submitted by:Masteema / 2004-05-13
the furnace...well, quite pants really and if dj dust can tear himself away from playing queen you might get some decent music after 12 but not likely...swindon seriously needs a new many ppl just don`t bother with levs anymore..and if they do (myself included) they wonder they bothered again..shame..

Submitted by:H8Red19_uk / 2004-06-06
If you ask me I reckon someone should buy out that crappy dance club that is 'The Studio' and turn it into a goth club cos it has all the makings to be one. Not trying to piss anyone off but I dont go to Levs (oops..The Furnace) as much as I used to and the last time I went was a very big let down. Would have gone to Lava Lounge if I wanted to hear 60's/70's music...

Submitted by:Rosie_strange / 2004-07-21
I don't think i have ever heard 60's/70's music or Queen played for that matter at Furnace so i don't know what you're on about. I do agree however, that the sets do tend to be a bit repetitive, but in all fairness, the dust WILL play your requests if you bring in a CD for example.

Submitted by:clarina / 2004-08-05
I haven't been to the furnace for ages, it seems to be going downhill and the music is very repetitive.

Submitted by:Masteema / 2004-09-16
You`ve never heard 60/70`s music played in the furnace amongst alot of other toss? Believe me its there its boring and its repetitive!I don`t want to bitch about levs but i cant help feeling let down and bored unless im steaming drunk each time i go to swindons `Alternative` alternative. Wouldnt recommend this to any Goths etc its not worth travelling to swindon for!

Submitted by:Masteema / 2004-09-22
Quite often i`ve gone for a good night out the music has of course gone pear shaped and the randomness ensues...sorry but i didn`t expect elvis etc at swindons `alternative` alternative...maybe it was a bad few weeks they were having but not likely!

Submitted by:H8Red19_uk / 2005-04-03
Some very good bands booked to play live at T'Furnace in the upcoming months including Therapy? (not so much goth, but bloody good all the same) and Napalm Death (who'd have thought...!!!) I for one am extremely impressed!

Submitted by:djdust / 2005-07-17
Am just checking out this site for the first time in quite a while and am a bit dismayed to see the club getting a bit of a bashing up above. Things couldn't be better at The Furnace right now with tons of different themed DJ nights and top-notch bands playing. This year alone we've had Hell Is For Heroes, Napalm Death and Therapy? (which was one of the best nights I can remember there - even the band came and partyed after the show!) Also, I have no idea what Masteema is banging on about up above as, in the 10 years I've been a DJ, you could count the number of times I've played Queen on the fingers of two hands!?

Submitted by:djdust / 2005-07-22
message to a moderator. hi, thanks for changing the club name from "Level 3" to "The Furnace". Can a link be put to the club as well please? It's: thanks in advance darren :)

Submitted by:gabrial / 2005-11-01
I went to the Furnace on one of the monthly metal night and really had a blinding time the place was buzzing and went a couple of weeks later and it wasn’t the same club! The resident Dj was playing really crap tunes and the dance floor was empty the guy I was with said that every week the place was getting worse Somebody said that there was a rumour the owner was selling up. What ever is going on behind the scenes lets have more of the metal nights atmosphere will bring people back again and again

Submitted by:Masteema / 2006-05-01
Havent been for absoloutely ages to afraid of wasting an evening again, However went to the metal night just gone and it was awesome!! V good, V surprised!! If it continues like that then yay! Maybe its just coincidence but dust wasnt djing that night???

Submitted by:Reiko / 2006-08-19
Brand New METAL NIGHT coming last friday of this month. With New DJ's with new sets!! It's a "must be there" night!!

Submitted by:Masteema / 2006-08-27
Black Steel Metal Night was awesome! Highly recommend this night to all goth/metal/rock fans!!! Big Horns up!!!

Submitted by:a_blue_eyed_feline / 2008-09-15
In the last year they have stopped having specific DJ nights. So now what music you get in there is very pot luck and often not alt at all.

Submitted by:djdust / 2008-10-08
Yep, they did away with theme nights and adopted a policy of "we will play anything on all nights" - the club has a large number of djs who play different nights every month so it is indeed a bit of pot luck as to who's going to be djing (and what they have) if and when you turn up! :( Not a perfect scenario but I still play there regularly and endeavour to keep everyone happy... :)

Submitted by:djdust / 2008-10-20
Some news just hot off the press - we have a new regular night coming to The Furnace in mid-November called RAGE - it will be on EVERY Friday night and we will be playing nothing but rock, metal & punk. Excet start date to be confirmed so, watch this space!! :D

Submitted by:djdust / 2008-10-21
sorry, carnt spel... EXACT start date to be confirmed v soon.. :)

Submitted by:djdust / 2008-10-22
Launch date for RAGE is 21st November. More details to follow!! :)

Submitted by:djdust / 2008-11-02
Just under 3 weeks to go folks! Quite simply, we will bringing you nothing but Rock / Metal / Punk, plus all the bits that fall inbetween like Goth, Industrial, Hardcore, etc. Please sign up to our Facebook group and fan page for more details and to get onto our guestlist. [url=][/url] Hope to see lots of faces out for the opening night, plus every Friday onwards!! :) Cheers

Submitted by:djdust / 2009-02-09
RAGE is now officially 3 months old and going from strength to strength. If you haven't checked it out yet, come on down! Every Friday night - rock/metal/punk - cheap entry (sometimes free when we have a guest list) - check the Facebook pages for more info :)

Submitted by:djdust / 2012-08-17
Anyone still out there? The Furnace is still alive and I'm running a new night on Friday 7 September. More details here:

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