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Club nameGoth Night at the Fez
Street Address/DirectionsGun Street
DescriptionGoth / Metal Night
Opening Hours9pm - 1am
Submitted bytaoist
Submitted on:2000-09-11
User comments
Submitted by:Gwilym / 2000-12-21
Not really a goth night at all but very metal indeed. They might play a sisters track if you are very very lucky no cyber stuff at all. The rest of the night is remorsless nu metal with a tiny bit of industrial. The clientale are almost all 18 or under. Its a nice venue but the night is really not worth going to for the music.

Submitted by:totoro_half / 2001-03-13
I hear that once they played Apoptygma Berzerk, of all people! But I went up to the DJ the week after and unsurprisingly he'd never heard of them, so I guess maybe it was another DJ. Or it was a lie, I don't know. It tends to be more of a nu-metal night, with stuff like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. Not to everyone's taste, but some will enjoy it there.

Submitted by:The_Baron / 2001-11-26
Admitted the music is very kid-metal and most the people there are kids, however the drink is cheap, the atmosphere fun and if your there with a dozen mates or so you can have a good start to the week.evrytime i go i must be the oldest person ther but i have never felt unwelcome

Submitted by:snailofsatan / 2002-02-15
they ocassionally play some classics like RATM bullet in the head, sepultura etc, heiniken about 1 bottle or something...

Submitted by:lilac_honey / 2003-03-04
Not bad to start the week off, but could do with a little more variation in what the dj plays, tends to be full of little kiddies though - especially during half term.

Submitted by:slayergirl / 2003-12-13
I dunno, this club night seems to play pretty mainstream/ newer types of rock and punk rather than goth/metal/ old stuff every time I have been, and the downstairs chill out bit has been closed for the past month or so :(

Submitted by:KitschGoth / 2004-08-08
Think you're better off sticking to the Turtle next door, less spooky kids.

Submitted by:TwinkleDarkFairy / 2006-02-12
As far as I knew this was just a rock night and the few times I have been there it's been full of kids that can't handle there drink. And not very much fun

Submitted by:tophatmatt / 2007-05-23
Been there twice. It is an ok night but there was one point when my shines got smacked by a glass being kicked around on the floor. Appartently plays mostly emo now but does have an indy room and a metal room is sometimes open. A ok night, but I prefer the TUC.

Submitted by:ookthelibrarian / 2008-09-13
Not the Fez anymore, now called Sakura...still have a alternative night on a Monday, but less Metal I think.

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