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Club nameIntrusion
Club webpageIntrusion
Street Address/Directions*The Cellar - formerly the Dolly (next to the Purple Turtle)in Frewins Court.
*Cornmarket Street
(Down the alley way next to Lush)
Streetmap URLAvailable here
Description*Second Tuesday of every month.
*Goth, industrial, Darkwave, EBM, 80's.
*House DJs Doktor Joy and DeeTee. Guest DJs each month.
*3 quid entry. Free lollipops or sweets on entry!
*Dress code enforced. NO STREET CLOTHES!
Opening Hours8:30pm - 2:00am
Submitted bySexy_Sophia
Submitted on:2001-04-23
User comments
Submitted by:Bouncy Mark / 2001-06-01
The first Intrusion was a definite success! I haven't seen a dancefloor in Oxford that busy since Disturbance died. Congratulations to all involved. P.S. Any chance of a late lisence next time?

Submitted by:DeeTee / 2001-06-04
The first night was indeed a success. Thanks to all who came, and from the 10th July onwards, it will be a monthly event on the second Tuesday of every month. Late license is still not an option unfortunately, but we can't have everything. A correction to Sophia's post above: We don't play ethereal. It's not the easiest to dance to y'see.

Submitted by:Sexy_Sophia / 2001-09-05
OOPs! OK, no Ethereal, corrected above! We may soon have late licence from October onwards, but is yet to be confirmed, so watch this space!

Submitted by:Mark_W / 2002-03-05
Finally a VERY good goth night in oxford, theres very little bitchiness and a generally good atmosphere. Most folks are friendly and the music is varied(If, like me, you feel physically ill when A-ha is played, its still worth sticking around for Ministry etc etc. And you can see many forms of dumb-ass goth dancing (Including mine!) :)

Submitted by:Mark_W / 2002-03-08
Huzzah! God looked down and saw the world was lacking, and lo, he did create Intrusion, and the peoples of oxford did rejoice aplenty. Yes,it is good. Yes, they play generally good music (APART from A-ha). Yes, the people within are for the most part friendly, welcoming types. And Yes, you can see my dumb-ass spinning my head in a dumb-ass way to the likes of Ministry. Amen

Submitted by:Mark_W / 2002-03-08
Really, really good fun. Very little of the usual elitist silliness, most people will talk to anyone(Including me). Great music for the most part..and best of all, you can see my ridiculous 'dancing'...Hoorah!

Submitted by:Mark_W / 2002-03-27
okay, okay, I know! None of my comments appeared, so I tried again...and again...then they all appear, aaarrrgghh!....I dance badly by the way, did I mention that?

Submitted by:Gothic Creation / 2002-04-01
Im new to the gothic lifestyle and would like to go to intrusion but i dont know anyone who wants to go wiv me, will it be welcoming to me if i go alone or will I end up sat in a corner with my drink? Im a bit shy by the way!

Submitted by:xev / 2002-04-03
Whens the next intrusion then????????Dying for a wonderful dark night and cant wait no longer!!!!!X

Submitted by:Clove / 2002-08-09
Late Licence 20:00 - 01:00 every second tuesday of the month.

Submitted by:DeeTee / 2003-03-01
Right kids, if you're about, come to Intrusion on the 11th March. It's my first since leaving Oxford, and I expect a good reception and lots of free booze. Failing that, I may have to actually play some requests. See y'all there!

Submitted by:bloodsuckergoth / 2003-06-03
Eh? I thought the leaflet they're handing out in Tigerlilly said Intrusion (June 10th - their 2nd birthday) finishes at 2am..? It'll be my first attendance, but if I like it then I will go everytime!

Submitted by:Gwenwyfahr / 2003-10-09
I want a lollipop! Why did the lollipops stop? Gotta get something for a staggering £3! Incase any of the DJs bother reading this: please play some goth music - when I went last time I expected to see a bunch of fat guys with whistles ding bigfishlittlefishcardboardbox!

Submitted by:faeriegraver / 2004-02-11
There is NOTHING wrong with big fish little fish cardboard box! And do you not think it would be mildly amusing to see that at Intrusion?

Submitted by:clockworkhighway / 2004-02-27
I wanna go more often, it's a just a ruddy shame about transport. Although I've been only twice (and the place is a little small) I think it's great!

Submitted by:dark_impression / 2004-03-10
I went for the first time last night, and had a very good time. I'm lloking forward to doing it again.

Submitted by:Avalon Bliss / 2004-05-21
Intrusion is one of the most fun nights I've ever DJ'd at. The atmosphere is lovely, DeeTee, Dok and Sophie are excellent hosts, and it's great venue. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by:Ayaron / 2004-06-17
The night I went just happened to coincide with the 3 year anniversary so it was a packed crowd and there was a raffle (lost my ticket so odds are mine was one the unclaimed prizes :o( Anyway, very friendly, great atmosphere, lots of little dark corners if you want to talk. Plus free drinking water! Not a priority to most people but if you're teetotal like me a plentiful supply of free water means you can dance all night long just for the entrance fee...

Submitted by:Shadow_106 / 2004-10-17
Would highly recomend this night to anyone looking for a good time :), Usually a good crowd plus happy hour before 10pm which always helps.

Submitted by:nishaa / 2005-10-12
A great club, it's good for dancing and, with those round the corner bits and out of the way places, itís also good if you want a chat. Good atmosphere, and the range of music throughout the night makes a visit worthwhile even if you have to leave early (some of us work for a living, you know :P). If you want a downside, then the dance floor isn't recommended for those taller than 7ft or tall people who like to dance and wear a hat at the same time.

Submitted by:Piera / 2005-10-20
Hey, is this night still on, and if so is it still playing goth/EBM? I've just moved to Oxford and I haven't found anything remotely goth or bleepy yet!

Submitted by:conradmonster / 2005-11-18
The new website address is

Submitted by:Galen / 2006-01-08
Piera: if you looking for a good night out in the goth scene in oxford, then Intrusion is about the only place. But its always a good night out.

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2006-02-19
I was at the Intrusion Valentine's Night special Tuesday 14th Feb. Excellent mix of music: mostly cyber, some traditional goth and a bit of industrial thrown in for good measure. The clientel spanned a similar range: cybergoths, ladies in latex, a few eldritch gentlemen, as well as a couple of metalheads. The only slight draw-back is the venue, The Cellar just off Cornmarket St. This is indeed a cellar and the combination of low ceiling with raised dance floor (max capacity 10 persons) leaves little headroom for the taller goth, particulaly if he's wearing New Rocks. But don't let this put you off: Intrusion; is an excellent night out. Shame it's on a school night!

Submitted by:Nitrogoth / 2006-10-16
Another cracking night last week sadly my last in Oxford for the time being. Intrusion has great music and friendly regulars. :-)

Submitted by:Mr_SelfDestruct / 2007-02-21
I've been down the cellar on an "Intrusion" night a few times now and it's been consistently good. Only £4 to get in the drinks are a reasonable price. on the downside the dance-floor's a bit cramped, and the place could do with a little revamp here and there, but overall it's a good place to hang out.

Submitted by:bookhouse_boy / 2009-11-23
Oh MY GOD! netgoth is back! Well, for any of you checking, Intrusion is STILL going, every month(every second tuesday of the month, the next being December 8th), its the only goth night in oxford, and still just as much fun, see you there!

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