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Club nameThe Gloucester
LocationEast Sussex
Street Address/DirectionsLondon road
DescriptionHmm, well this is one for when desperate, or if you absolutely must go somewhere after the pub, principally on a Thursday. Then you may find the odd fellow goth, an isle amongst the sea of Nu metallers, Indies and other trendies attending.
Submitted byDarkoverlord
Submitted on:2001-04-18
User comments
Submitted by:V_Lilith_V / 2001-05-19
Its not a greeeeat club...but i will say something and thats ive "never" had a bad/boring night a he gloucester :} Its somewhere to go (tues & thurday nights) ~x~

Submitted by:Tom / 2001-05-27
Despite the music, Sindrome on Tuesdays can be fun if you're with a group of friends, primarily due to the ridiculously cheap bar prices - 1.50 a pint and 50p a shot of vodka. Apart from that, the crowd are generally laid-back and friendly, though, obviously, mainly metallers.

Submitted by:Dingleflump / 2001-06-15
Better selection of goffik stuff on a thursday nite, DJ Angel does a reasonably good set, but they tend to play a lot of the same stuff each week. I've never had a bad night there either.

Submitted by:Lucy Pointycat / 2001-10-25
The Gloucester has now been refitted inside -I haven't been in there yet but apparently its a lot slicker now with a raised stage for bands to play. Although I'm not sure I like the idea of the Gloucester losing its slightly grubby ambience, I am keen on the addition of a medium-sized venue, numbers of which brighton is sadly lacking in.

Submitted by:Smogo / 2001-12-11
The Thursday night Yearz2K/Metal Playground thing doesn't exist anymore. I think they have live bands on Thursdays instead now, but probably no one good so far....

Submitted by:matty / 2002-01-03
There's been about two live bands since the refurb - but usually it's just closed. Perhaps an opportunity for a Gothy/Metal night here ?

Submitted by:cufdanchaind / 2002-03-14
as far as i know if anyone has a good idea for thursday nights they can go to the manager.

Submitted by:CyberAngel / 2002-03-17
It's a great club if you like hip-hop and nu-metal.. I tend to use it as a late night drinking session. The DJ once refused to play ministry, and then reluctantly played about 2 minutes of stigmata! Grr... Brigh on a goth night!

Submitted by: / 2002-11-11
I personally enjoy the gloucester - the odd decent choon, lots of nice, friendly people and cheap drinks. Epsc Tuesday nights - i recommend going with a big group of mates and get pissed of ya head!

Submitted by:femgoth / 2003-06-12
this place was better before they 'did it up' it had character before. and it used to play a lot harder stuff before as i remember.. now nothing but mainstream nu-metal. (spelling new, nu is not kool!!)

Submitted by:Binkey / 2003-07-01
The Gloucester rapidly went down hill after the re-vamp: BUT after all that fussing around they forgot to update the playlist...I don't mean to offend anyone, but a lot of people will agree with me on that one. Well at least it's FREE to get in all night now and vodka is stupidly cheap (50p a shot) & Snakebite + black is 1.50....cheers! :o)

Submitted by:stuicide / 2004-01-04
the main point is its free to get in and cheap!!! and they do sometimes play a couple of good songs -i do wish that they would bring back homewrecker though -music wise it was better

Submitted by:metal_mayhem / 2004-01-07
Yea this club is ok, used to be really good but its losing it's edge! Its free to get in and cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere! Should try to play more alt music and not the dance stuff they play tho, its defanatly worth a visit tho!

Submitted by:sinclair / 2004-08-12
Got worse and worse and then just died quietly one night. I hear some dust mites and a few lonely bats live there now!

Submitted by:Paranoid_Boy / 2004-12-22
Tuesday night's arent bad though for alternative music and the drinks are very cheap. 1.50 for a pint is nearly as good as Pav Tav!

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