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Club nameManhattens
LocationHereford and Worcester
Street Address/DirectionsSt Peters street, Hereford
DescriptionPub/Club open 7 days a week - late on Friday, Saturday nights. Rock nights on Friday and Sunday playing music from soft rock to Metal. Variety of people in attendance on Rock nights - Goths, Metallers, Skaters, Punks, Old Skool Rockers, General other alternate people. Drinks are a reasonable price and you don't have to queue too long at the bar - Also drinks promotions on some nights. Entrance fee in also pretty good.
Worth a night out if you are in the area, The only club that caters for alternate people apart from certain nights at the Jailhouse.
Opening HoursUsually untill 3pm then after 6pm untill late most nights - friday and saturday closing time 2pm
Submitted byAmadeo
Submitted on:2001-04-18
User comments
Submitted by:gebbeth / 2001-10-21
i was dragged out to manhattens by a well meaning acquaintance to what had been dubbed by word of mouth as a 'goth night'. not a single goth record was played all night - it was all nu metal (limp bizkit, slipknot etc) and they don't serve red wine, bloody mary's or sloe gin. but it's an ok (and cheap) pub during the day or on non rock/metal nights.

Submitted by:unholy mole / 2002-01-03
I love this place, but unless you're with a crowd you know you may as well be in the Fleece for all the fun you'll have. However, the poo music mentioned above is due to the juke box. Fridays have 3 DJs. Brad plays happy punk-rock 9-10 and then Chris does old-skool metal mostly til 12. After 12 Darren and Tris tend to play more up to date tracks, so you cant really lose. Free pool til about 9.30 when the tables are cleared for the dancefloor and then you can laugh at all the drunk matallers! And on saturadays its pop music so you can laugh at the mini-skirted flumps (although the amusement wears off and most leave early)

Submitted by:silvers / 2002-09-26
An amusing place, often populated by pretentious baby goth types..often by trendy never really know whos gonna be there, but the atmosphere (at least downstairs) is freindly enuff, watch out for upstairs tho, I got a fair slapping outside at closing time for looking at some fat asshole from upstairs!!.there are certainly a lot of fatties to laugh at!!

Submitted by:silvers / 2002-09-26
Oh forgot to mention, if you get in after 10 pm weekends you have to pay!!!!!not good!!

Submitted by:xxxdark_shadowxxx / 2002-11-11
Been there a couple of times find it a welcoming place, music a bit naff, seem to have two new dj's on early on in the evening not much cop though. I advise no one to go upstairs most of them look like they have broke out of stonebow (Hereford people know what I mean and for the rest of you its a nut house!) and far to many trendies for my liking.

Submitted by:faerie / 2002-12-03
well nothing changes i still cant stand it its not the worst place in the world but i dont like it the 2 4 1 drinks are good thou if u drink loads u forget your are there and can have a good time

Submitted by:dont_tell_me_to_smile / 2003-09-29
I love Manhattens and miss it now im away. People moan about the jukebox but I like it its free but it takes forever for songs to come on. The djs do requests on friday night all you have to do is ask.

Submitted by:_underslash_ / 2005-02-19
Manhattens is an awfull place, but thats why i love it! Recently its got a lot more goth-metal people going. woo!

Submitted by:unholy mole / 2007-01-08
by way of an update... i moved away from hereford a few years ago and on return to manhattens it has definitely declined. it was pretty rubbish to start with, but fridays now only have one dj and it is all a bit naff, yes. still a good laugh if your with a few people, but dont set your hopes too high! cheap entry (free before 10, a few quid after), cheap(ish) beer and free pool. john plays requests but his collection is limited to the crowd that's in

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