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Club namesilhouettes
Street Address/Directionsbehiden church street, round the corner from the TSB bank.
Descriptionthe downstairs of shadows, it open all the weekend (unlike shadows).

from about 9-11 it plays the kinda music you would here at a very bad wedding disoc type thing. from around 11ish onwards it plays gernal rock stuff and takes requests. bewarned the music is very loud, alot louder thna the other clubs i haev been too.

the prices of drinks is quite expensive, but it is one of the main clubs in whitehaven.

if fills up with the rock community by about 11 when all the pubs have closed.

you dont have to pay to get in either.

occationally has a live band playing, but this is few and far between.
Opening Hours9-2 am i think
Submitted by
Submitted on:2001-04-05
User comments
Submitted by:levant / 2001-04-06
the music early on if pants and there is a tendancy for it to be full of middle aged townie women in bad camal coloured clothes but its ok if your waiting for shadows to open

Submitted by: / 2002-04-04
before 11 you might even be lucky enough to hear some cheesy 80's pop!!! and everyone loves cheesy 80's pop... If you're waiting for shadows to open you might as well go to the Tuns, though. Fun for playing the great 'Whim' and 'Shim' games, a la sympie and gaz.

Submitted by:syke / 2003-07-08
last time i went in here there was a lot of fighting and seemed a really rough pub. Apart from that the club was ok. I was glad to find somewhere that stayed open late and that i didnt have to pay for.

Submitted by:mistressedurera / 2004-02-07
Silhouettes is now Havana 69, though it's still basically Silhouettes inside, cept it's all silver and they have another tiny bar. The female bar staff wear bikini tops. :/

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