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Club nameELIZIUM
Club webpageELIZIUM
Street Address/DirectionsDoctor Drake's, Ship row
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionFirst and third Saturdays of the month - check website for latest dates.

Opening Hours10.00pm 'til 2.00am
Submitted byXenarachne
Submitted on:2000-09-11
User comments
Submitted by:anachronism / 2001-05-17
Club Venue is changing. The next Elizium is a trial run in Hoagies (Bon Accord Street) on Thursday 7th June 2001... For up to date info email

Submitted by:nullmouse / 2001-05-24
We've moved! As of the 7th June, 2001, we're now at Hoagies, 15 Bon Accord Crescent. 10 pm till 2am, r.o.a.r. 3 entry We'll now be on the First Thursday of every month, too! nullmouse.

Submitted by:pontoon / 2002-01-10
Is it RIP Elizium or are you gonna ressurect it at some point in the Future?

Submitted by:shatsome / 2002-05-08
Elizium rises from the dead. We are now at Dr Drakes, 1st & 3rd Sat of the month

Submitted by:arricc / 2002-05-16
We got a mention in Mick Mercers new book - "21st Century Goth" Twice!

Submitted by:Oddandevil / 2002-10-12
Elizium roolz, go! But not all at once, you wont fit in, and you'll all get squished.

Submitted by:rabid_glowstix_hamster / 2003-04-02
If you manage to go to one of the twice monthly eliziums you will leave euphoric and knackered. i always do.....I will miss it very Very much x

Submitted by:Skayrecrow / 2003-09-12
Elizium is great, warm and friendly . One of the best nights out i've ever had . Try it once and you will love it and want to go again and again .

Submitted by:Flash / 2004-03-23
The best Goth orientated night out in Aberdeen. Excellent selection of music, and now established in a great venue. First rate DJs and really nice people. BTW we tried an Elizium type night last year and shame on you Goths for lack of attendance (OK so it was a Thursday but still...). Well at least I enjoyed it.

Submitted by:lostat / 2004-04-01
Elizium is definately the best night out in Aberdeen at the moment, pity it's not every saturday :-( Flash, any chance of resurrecting a goth night on Thursdays in the Moorings? (How about if we all promise to drink a LOT of Jagermeister)!

Submitted by:Flash / 2004-04-23
lostat - my guess is that it would work a lot better now. 18 months ago the bar was still in a period of transition. In the past 9 months we've become a major haunt for goths. A couple of things would need to change though, one of those being how we fund it. An admission fee of some sort that went directly to paying for the night would be best. This could only apply to those that were there for Elizium because we are still a working bar. Not a huge trick to pull off because the same thing now occurs every Saturday on band nights, where regulars get in for free. It's really a question of the people that want to attend the night, covering it's basic costs ie. paying for the DJ. There is one other issue - we are limited to how much noise we can generate on a school night, but provided we keep the volume within reason it should be fine. It would need to be quieter than Fridays, but then I doubt we'd be expecting 100 people...

Submitted by:Persephone / 2004-08-23
Elizium is no longer at Dr. Drakes. They're looking into a new venue - apparently this could take some time. It better not, because there's actually nothing else worth going to as an Elizium substitute...

Submitted by:Ubersparkle / 2004-11-17
The Dj's are currenty looking for a new venue. I would expect Elizium back around February. For anyone who hasn't been, it's got a fantastic atmosphere and everyone is welcome(dressed up or not). It is a must when it returns.

Submitted by:Flash / 2005-01-17
OK sorted - PHEW! The Moorings Bar will now host a joint night of Elizium and Xenophon, likely to be known as Elizophonika on the 3rd Friday of every month commencing February 2005. The even t will run from 8pm - 1am. Admission is FREE! So more money available to spend on our lovely killer drinks :) The Moorings is committed to providing a long-term home for this event.

Submitted by:Persephone / 2005-04-07
Elizium will be back, first Friday night of each month, starting 6th May. It's gonna be at the Pelican Club, which is in the Metro Hotel on Market street. See the website for more details!

Submitted by:Flash / 2005-04-09
A little birdy told me that Subway / Pelican Club are planning to fit a similar Funktion-One sound rig to The Moorings, only theirs is likely to be a 'Dance Stack' which means it will have extra and bigger subs - should be ideal for Elizium style music.

Submitted by:Persephone / 2007-03-02
Elizium has moved to the second room at the Tunnels. The next one is March 17th. Check the website for more details!

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