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Club nameEsquires
Street Address/Directions60a Bromham Rd
MK40 2QG

behind the bus station
Streetmap URLAvailable here
DescriptionThis club has been going for DECADES and the decor has not changed. Punk lived and died here, grunge only died out in 1998. This is Bedfordshire's only real venue for bands, and they aren't very good, but the people are sweet and mosh in their own way. I went back in 1999 after being away 5 years, and there was the same bloke on the cloakroom. If only all clubs had as much dodgy character as this. Any alternative people are welcome here. (Jisha78)
Opening Hourstill around 3am
Submitted byreagan
Submitted on:2001-03-16
User comments
Submitted by:metalligoth / 2001-03-19
Some good bands play here, The Damned and The Mission have played recently, although the club nights downstairs are a bit hit and miss. Fridays are better, Saturdays are all Britpop. Now running an irregular Rock night which is quite good, particularly if you like old 80s Cheese (Motley Crue) and Limp Bizkit

Submitted by:ScHiZoAnGeL / 2002-07-20
Some of the local bands that play here regularly are really good... occasionally the odd decent signed band plays but more often than not the crowd has left by the time the headliners get on (Violent Delight played to about 10 ppl despite it being packed earlier on- ppls loyalties r with the local bands) average age is about 16 and the drinks r too expensive... yet I always have a wikked time whenever I go. Opening times r earlier now so noone has to leave mid set to catch the train.

Submitted by:drzoon / 2003-03-08
Has played host to some great nights in the past ( The Damned, The Mission, Sigue Sigue Sputnik ) but nothing of note has been on for some time. The policy of using local bands as support means the place fills with over excited kids until the main act comes on when they all get picked up by their Dad outside. Not an overly friendly place so don't go alone!

Submitted by:fearisthemindkiller / 2003-07-18
to be honest, dont like the place :/ no offence, and i dont think we would play there. just not the typicaly nice friendly attitude ud expect from such a club

Submitted by:realitycheque / 2004-04-29
If it sucked last July, then it's now an entertainment black hole. At the 'alternative' friday night, they played only 3 songs that would be danced to by anyone with self-respect. And one of those was REMs - End of the World, which we only danced to because we didn't think we were going to get another chance to strut our funky stuff! :/

Submitted by:Fuchsia_Groan / 2005-09-24
Went a few months ago - kind've ok if you can handle the 'stripy armwarmers' brigade i.e. naff little teenyrockers getting dead excited because their fake Id worked! Put it this way: it's physically posible to have a vaguelly good time here, but not particularly recommended. The local bands tend not to be anything special, the bar is cruddy and music recognisable as alternative, but certainly not goth-friendly. Saddening and shameful that this is literally the best Bedford has to offer in the way of alternative, then there's about seven Chav disco/clubs in the town...

Submitted by:DarkLordLitus / 2006-07-28
its still a creche upstairs but the local bands are still gigging. keeps getting the bands in. Downstairs has a classic rock night every month at the no. only 4 squid entry and the staff are a lot friendlier these days.

Submitted by:DizyGoth / 2012-07-26
Hi Everyone Hellfyre runs every month. It is Goth/Rock/EBM & Alternative. We try to cater for everyone as there are not many Goths in the village. We provide balloons and sweeties. The next Hellfyre is the Anne Marie Hurst's Aftershow party on August 18th. Find Hellfyre on Facebook!

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